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3 Ways to Cut Back on HVAC Energy Usage

Is your budget getting tighter? Or do you just generally want to be more energy-efficient? Your HVAC system might be the first part of your home with which you can begin cutting costs. Many homeowners in Beaumont, Texas, are missing out on prime opportunities to cut back on their air conditioning's energy usage. By following these simple steps and giving your air conditioner some well-deserved TLC, you can start saving energy and money. Here are three ways to cut back on HVAC energy usage.

Regular Preventive Maintenance

You've probably heard this a lot, but it's because preventive maintenance is the solution to so many problems with an HVAC system. Over time, any air conditioner, furnace, or heat pump will wear down and become less efficient. Issues will pop up more frequently and be more expensive. Preventive maintenance keeps these larger issues at bay and keeps your system running efficiently for as long as possible.

Even if you've performed some simple DIY maintenance, your HVAC system is still in need of a professional touch. Preventive maintenance includes anything from a simple system check to repairs to cleaning components.

Some HVAC contractors like us even offer a maintenance plan for those who are members of their club. For example, members of our Thermacon Energy Savings Club get a spring and fall tuneup, priority service, up to a 15 percent discount on parts, and much more. These types of memberships make sure your system gets the preventive maintenance it needs and you save the money you deserve.

Maintain Good Indoor Air Quality

We've learned over the years that there is an undeniable link between indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency. Dirty filters, dirty system components, and a dirty home (especially around vents, heat registers, and parts of the system itself) all force the air conditioner to work harder than necessary. This causes the system to lose efficiency and exacerbates any poor indoor air quality issues you might already have.

There are several ways to maintain good air quality. First, stay on top of changing your air filter. This filter keeps allergens and irritants from getting into your airflow, but it can do more harm than good if not cared for properly. You should replace these filters about once a month. If a standard filter isn't good enough, you can also install an air cleaner. Air cleaners installed into air conditioning units do a much more efficient job of trapping and eliminating irritants. You also don't need to change the filters as often.

Finally, the greatest key to maintaining good air quality is keeping your home clean. Keep the areas around vents and the indoor and outdoor components of your HVAC system as spotless as possible.

Install a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Technological innovation has raised the bar on efficiency within the HVAC industry. Programmable and smart thermostats have been around for a while, but they continue to improve, saving homeowners more money every month.

A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to take greater control of the temperature in their home. That way, you won't need to waste money while away from your home for an extended period. Programmable and smart thermostats also allow you to keep different areas of your home at different temperatures, ensuring you don't waste one draft of cool air on a rarely occupied room.

Smart thermostats add to the benefits of programmable thermostats by throwing in Wi-Fi connectivity, which allows you to change the settings of your thermostat and keep an eye on the efficiency of your system from the convenience of your smart device.

Beginning to cut back on HVAC energy usage is as simple as having a no-waste mentality. With these three simple steps, you'll reach a point where you aren't wasting a cent on your air conditioning. For more questions about cutting back on energy usage or to receive Thermacon Service Company's help in increasing your AC's efficiency, give us a call at 866-797-1535.

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3 Ways to Fight Summer Allergies

Have seasonal allergies put a damper on your summer so far? Do you dread to open doors and windows in your home for fear that an army of irritants will infiltrate your sanctuary? If so, you are not alone. Seasonal allergies are the bane of many in Beaumont, Texas, but fortunately, this summer is far from over. By giving some TLC to your HVAC system and the corners of your home, you'll take control of your air quality and breathe easy for the rest of the summer. Here are three ways to fight summer allergies.

Keep on Top of HVAC Filter Replacement

Your HVAC system does wonders to maintain your indoor air quality, but only when it is properly cared for. Air conditioning filters (which capture irritants and allergens out of the air) must be replaced about once a month in order for the system to continue effectively cleaning the air.

Have Your AC Cleaned

While your air filter is collecting irritants, the rest of your air conditioner is likely also collecting dust and other airborne particles. These allergens can then become a part of your airflow, further reducing indoor air quality. But don't try to take apart and clean the components of your air conditioner on your own. Give some licensed professionals a call instead.

Maintain a Clean Living Space

Keeping your home clean is an important habit to develop when combatting seasonal allergies. Outdoor irritants enter your home on the feet and clothes of your family and guests. Ask visitors to remove shoes and/or place a large mat by your front door that will hopefully catch some of the unwelcome hitchhikers. Pay special attention to carpets and bed sheets, both of which should be cleaned often to rid yourself of whatever allergens may have found shelter within.

Keeping allergens completely out of your home is not an easy task, but by making habits of these three methods, you will be well on your way to a healthy, allergy-free home. For professional assistance in improving your indoor air quality, give Thermacon Service Company a call at 866-797-1535.

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