A Dependable Heating Contractor in Port Arthur

In order for your home to remain comfortable, you need to ensure your heating system is working properly. A heating contractor is able to provide you with the peace of mind you need as a homeowner. When you are unsure whether your system is going to work throughout the winter or not, it can be an unsettling feeling. Hiring a dependable heating contractor in Port Arthur is a great way to avoid getting yourself into this type of predicament. Even if your unit is properly serviced, there is always the chance that you could run into problems. When you have a reliable heating service like Thermacon Service Company, Inc. on your side, you can help ensure the repairs are tackled quickly and help limit the level of discomfort accompanying these heating issues. 

Installation and service of your heating unit is one of the main job duties of a heating contractor. Servicing the unit can range from a small repair to something major. Since a heating contractor is regularly dealing with issues surrounding the ductwork and furnace, they are often some of the best people to call upon whenever there is an issue with your unit. All it takes is one simple phone call to get a professional on the way to your home to help evaluate what is going on with your unit. At that point, they can begin to make any of the necessary repairs.

Get to the Root of the Problem Quickly with a Dependable Heating Contractor

Not everyone out there has the skills and talents of a heating contractor. Unless you are someone who works on these items continually, it can be quite difficult to try to detect and repair any problems that may arise. Most of the time, the homeowner has no idea what the problem is with their unit. They only understand that their system is not working properly and their heat or air conditioning is out. Enlisting the advice and assistance of a skilled professional will help to get the job done quickly. Technicians from Thermacon Service Company, Inc. have extensive experience working on numerous units they can easily determine exactly what is broken and help provide you with a recommendation to rectify the situation.

Reliable heating contractors in Port Arthur TX can provide you with a proposal that is affordable; that way everyone in the home will be comfortable as quickly as possible. It is crucial that you have someone in the industry that is trustworthy before any major problems arise, so that way you always have someone dependable that you can call. This can be as simple as using a recommended contractor for all of your basic heating needs. If you try to locate and fix the problem on your own, you could end up costing yourself a lot more money in the end. It will also prolong the time your home is without any heat and make the situation that much more difficult. Whenever a problem occurs, the best thing you can do is to call upon a professional to come out and provide you with fast, dependable service.

Knowledge is Critical for Your Central Heating System to Work Properly 

The ability to describe everything that led up to the problem you are having with your system accurately can prove to be quite beneficial for your heating contractor. Some of the most common problems identified by homeowners are knocking, partial heat, no heat, uneven distribution of heat and an issue with the thermostat. Once the main issue is identified, it will help give the heating contractor a good indication of where they should begin their search for the problem. A knocking noise may be due to a specific component within the central heating system. 

An issue with the thermostat will often not involve the main unit. If you are dealing with partial to no heat, it may be a problem with the registers, air duct or the unit itself. The less information you are able to provide the contractor, the longer it will take to help locate the source of the problem. It may be that the problem is not in that area alone. In reality, the problem may be a combination of numerous things that are making the unit cease to work properly. Providing the contractor with as much information as possible will help them locate the source of the problem that much faster. When you are able to provide details of the issues, the amount of time spent repairing the problem will be that much less. Due to less time being spent in your home, the total overall cost will be that much cheaper.

Calling Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is the fastest way to help repair any difficulties you are having with your home heating system. When you hire an expert to come out and assess the issues with your unit, you can rest assured they will come up with a solution and repair the problem right away. Your Port Arthur TX home does not have to be without heat during the cold winter months. Hiring a heating contractor to come out and help determine what is going on with your system is not as difficult as one might think. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to give us a call, and we will come out to your home quickly. We understand the importance of getting your unit back to full operating capacity, which is what we are here to do for you.

How Can a Hydronic Heating System Bring You Comfort in Katy, TX?

Homeowners in Katy, TX, West Houston and the surrounding areas can make use of hydronic heating systems. These systems have constant heating features that will bring additional comfort for area residents. Residents in Katy, TX, can experience controlled heat at an affordable price with one of these systems. Hydronic systems make use of water as a means of transferring heat to different areas of the house. This requires a minimal amount of electric power and these systems can drastically lower utility bills. 

There are also great benefits to be derived from hydronic heating installation. These systems are more efficient to use than fan powered heating options. This method of heating is widely used in households all over Katy, TX, and the surrounding areas. These systems are also used in commercial structures and are based on the principle of gravity. Homeowners who get this kind of heating installation performed are in for a more flexible system. These systems can provide a range of temperatures, but they do not leave the air too dry. Homeowners also do not have to worry about too much humidity in the household with hydronic heating installation. 

Hydronic heating installation creates a reservoir. Heat stays inside the system and warms the house. Homes that have these systems installed can experience comfortable humidity levels. Residents in Katy, TX, can also opt for this solution to help solve ventilation issues and problems. Heating installation for hydronic heaters is more cost effective. Homeowners in Katy, TX who have these systems use less electricity. Hydronic heating does not create any loud noises. These heating systems can also be easily zoned in Katy, TX. 

How to Get an Expert Quote for Furnace Repair in Beaumont

Getting an expert quote for a furnace repair in Beaumont should always entail an on-site visit by a factory trained or NATE certified technician. A needed furnace repair in Beaumont TX can result from a wide array of problems. When you get an expert quote for furnace repair, the quote should outline the origin of the problem, replacement parts, labor costs and come with at least a one year guarantee on the work performed. Always make sure that the replacement parts are of a quality brand.

Conventional gas furnaces and high efficiency condensing furnaces are both popular in Beaumont TX. Both use gas burners with electronic ignition. The main difference between the two is the heat exchanger technology used. Condensing furnaces have more efficient heat extraction after combustion. For this reason, condensing furnaces are more complex. However, both present with some common problems. 

Even though a furnace repair may be needed as a result of a myriad of factors, there are some repairs that are common with furnaces. If the gas furnace is producing no heat in Beaumont TX, it can be the result of a faulty thermostat, blown fuse, closed gas control valve, non-lighted pilot light or a problem with the hot surface electronic ignition. A blown fuse can easily be replaced, however, we suggest a trained technician for the furnace repair in Beaumont of the remaining issues. 

Many times, furnaces do not produce enough heat. This situation can be caused by a dirty furnace air filter, dirty burners or obstruction in air flow to the combustion air chamber. You can replace the dirty furnace air filter with a new one to see if that fixes the problem. If the gas burners need to be adjusted, it's best one of our technicians do the job. 

Gas furnaces that cycle too frequently often require a furnace repair. This can happen from a heat anticipator problem in the thermostat or a blower motor malfunction. Repairs typically include lubrication of the motor ports, checking the tension of the belt or replacing a frayed belt. 

Another common problem that may require a furnace is unusual noises. Higher pitched squealing sounds are often a result of the blower belt slipping. Lower rumbling sounds typically indicate a poorly adjust pilot light. Dirty gas burners can cause a lower rumbling sound also. General repairs include replacing a frayed belt, adjusting belt tension, lubricating motor ports, adjusting the burners and adjusting the pilot light. 

A furnace repair in Beaumont may be needed for the intermittent pilot of the hot surface ignition. Keep in mind that the newer furnaces do not rely on a standing pilot for ignition of the gas burners. When the thermostat is set for heat, the intermittent pilot system ignites the pilot through a high voltage electrical spark. With a hot surface ignition system, a controlled heating element ignites the gas burner. 

Troubleshooting a furnace problem can be dangerous and should be left to the trained professionals in Beaumont TX. Thermacon Service is happy to give you a cost-effective quote for any furnace repair in Beaumont TX.

When You Need Fast Furnace Repair in Bridge City

When your furnace breaks down with very little warning, you need to find furnace repair in Bridge City that can help you right away. Thermacon Service Company is available 24-hours a day when you have unexpected equipment failure.

How to Avoid Emergency Situations

The best way to avoid needing fast furnace repair is by having a professional HVAC technician service your equipment before winter sets in.  An annual service contract with regular maintenance in the spring and fall is a great way to stay ahead of problems with aging equipment so that it is repaired before extreme temperatures cause equipment failure.  But should you have a problem in the dead of winter your annual agreement will entitle you to preferred scheduling.

The Pilot Light Won't Stay Lit

If you have an older gas furnace, you are probably used to having the pilot light go out on occasion. In most cases, it can easily be reignited with a long fireplace match. However, you need to contact Thermacon Service Company in Bridge City TX and schedule a furnace repair technician if there is damage to the encasement that houses the pilot light. The pilot light can't ignite properly unless the housing surrounding it prevents air from extinguishing the flame. You may also want to consider upgrading to a new furnace that uses an electric ignition system instead of a flame.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Both gas and electric furnaces use an electric motor to generate and circulate heat. If there is a power surge or a problem with the wiring, it can trip the circuit breaker and prevent the furnace from working properly. You should be able to turn the breaker back on and the furnace will work again. If not, locate the reset button and press the switch. You need to contact a Thermacon Service Company for help from a technician if these steps fail to start the furnace.

Pump Problems

Furnaces come equipped with pumps to help circulate excess water and condensation within the unit. The excess water is often the result of the furnace being located in a basement that is damp and cool. The purpose of the pump is to collect water and send it either outside of your Bridge City TX home or into the sewer line. However, if the pump is full, broken or gets unplugged, it can cause the water collected within in it to shut down the furnace. A skilled HVAC technician can determine the exact source of the problem and get your furnace to work correctly again. 

How to Keep Your Heating and Cooling System Dependable this Winter in Winnie

It may not get as cold in Winnie Texas as it does in other states, but that doesn't mean that winters are any more pleasant. Colder temperatures can often be difficult for your heating and cooling system to handle, especially if it doesn't get much use during the rest of the year. Thermacon Service Company recommends regular maintenance for your heating and cooling system in Winnie as the best way to ensure that it stays running all year long and home comfortable during the winter months.

Clean Filters Regularly

Winner is no different than summer when it comes to filter maintenance.  Dirty filters can overwork your heating and cooling system causing extra strain on parts.  Keeping airflow unrestricted is part of a regular maintenance program that you as the homeowner can manage.  Once a month is the minimum but if you have pets or smokers you should do it more frequently.

Regular maintenance helps to keep your system in top working. 

Thermacon Service Company recommends an annual maintenance program that includes two inspections; one in the spring and one in the fall.  In the fall we clean your heater and check to see if it is running properly.  During this service call we may find that your heating and cooling system has parts that are not working at all and need replacement.  Other parts may be showing signs of wear and we will recommend replacing them now to prevent an unexpected equipment failure.  Should we find a need for repairs during the inspection parts and labor are discounted to customers with an annual service agreement.

Install New Equipment

If your heating and cooling system is more than 10 years old and in need of repair, we might encourage you to consider replacing your equipment.  Gas furnaces are particularly dangerous when the malfunction and can emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home.

A brand new HVAC system may be the best option for dependable heat in Winnie TX this winter.  In addition to avoiding repair bills on an older unit, new equipment is more energy efficient so upfront costs are covered in just a few years of use. 

Help with Financing

Thermacon Service Company even offers financing to customers who have experienced difficulty with less than perfect credit during tough economic times.  There's no reason to have anything less than a dependable heating and cooling system this winter in Winnie TX.

Great Advice from an HVAC Installation Expert in Port Neches

The day of the installation is the most important day in the life of any HVAC system. Choosing the right sized unit and proper installation accounts for almost 80 percent of the performance and operating efficiency of any system. Its reliability, safety and efficiency are directly related to a proper HVAC installation. Prior to the installation of any new system, a load calculation should be done to ensure the system is properly sized for the square footage of your home. When you are spending thousands of dollars on a new system, you want to make sure that you are getting the right equipment for your specific needs and a guarantee that the system will perform to your expectations in Port Neches TX. 

It's important that any HVAC installation in Port Neches be done by a certified installer. If you attempt to do the HVAC installation yourself, the manufacturer will void its warranty. Without a warranty, you could be facing some hefty repair costs down the road. In addition, there are local, state and federal guidelines that must be in compliance with the laws. If the guidelines aren't followed, the entire job will have to be redone. This can interfere with attaining homeowner's insurance and the future resale of a home. We always advise that the installation be done by a licensed professional who is either factory trained or NATE certified. A factory trained installer or NATE certified installer will ensure that the system is properly installed with all the required HVAC and electrical permits for Port Neches TX. 

Our skilled technicians follow a comprehensive list of procedures for HVAC installation in Port Neches to ensure the system is properly connected and operates at peak performance. During the welding procedures, the nitrogen is purged through the coil and copper tubing to maximize refrigerant flow. The system is evacuated with service caps to prevent moisture from entering which prevents compressor failure. A leak test is done to to ensure the refrigerant system is leak free. Any system with insufficient amounts of refrigerant lessens the lifespan of the unit, uses more energy and has decreased capacity. 

New refrigerant lines are used on every installation. Previous lines always contain contaminants that can lead to restrictions and blockages that cause premature failure of the system. Every system is evacuated with new oil to attain the proper vacuum level without moisture. Separate manifold gauges are used for all refrigerants. Refrigerants are never mixed as it is akin to mixing different blood types and never works. Copper tubing is cut with a sharp wheel to prevent any foreign bodies from entering the refrigerant line system. Restrictions can lead to equipment failure and decreased capacity of the system. The refrigerant is added to the line at just the right pressure so the system can be changed from a negative pressure to a positive pressure. This is to ensure that no outside air enters upon startup. 

The air flow on the indoor unit is matched with the system air flow through variable speed switches. This is one of the most important tasks for startup. If the startup settings are incorrect, the system cannot charge accurately to achieve proper temperature rise and drop. Our technicians utilize the manufacturer's guidelines to properly set the charge on the system. This guarantees efficiency and maximum performance. All of the heating elements are staged so that the system only uses the energy that is needed. As a result, it saves you hundreds of dollars on energy costs. In Port Neches, our HVAC installation is guaranteed, efficient and complete.

Current Technology Trends in Heating and Cooling

With the second decade of the 21st century well underway, the trend in heating repair and air conditioning service leans toward more environmentally friendly practices as well as programmable equipment. If you are looking for ways to reduce the need for heating repair or air conditioning service in your Katy or West Houston, Texas home, it may well be worth your time to study the latest advances in heating repair, heating installation, air conditioning service and air conditioning installation. An air conditioning installation or heating installation provider near your home in West Houston or Katy can provide you with more details about specific steps you can take to achieve reduced heating repair or air conditioning service.

Geothermal heating installation and air conditioning installation is one of the latest innovations in HVAC technology that allow you to heat your home using only natural resources. In the past several years, scientists have made the discovery that the air temperature six to eight feet below the surface of the earth remains fairly consistent throughout the year. This is in direct contrast to the air temperature on the ground, which can fluctuate wildly depending on the season. As a means of heating installation and air conditioning installation, HVAC companies have started installing large tubes below the ground to direct heat into customer's homes. This also acts as an air conditioning service as it reverses the heating process during the warmer months.

If you find that you require heating repair or air conditioning service too frequently, you may benefit from a programmable thermostat. This is another fairly recent trend that is supported by air conditioning installation and heating installation companies. With a programmable thermostat, you will require less air conditioning repair and heating repair because your units won't have to work as hard. You can also avoid premature air conditioning installation and heating installation for this reason. That is because you can set the thermostat for up to a week at a time to be at different temperatures. You can adjust it for working hours as well as weekends, and keep your need for air conditioning service under control.

What To Expect For AC Service In Vidor

Servicing your air conditioner is something that all property owners will have to think about. After installation of your unit, you should schedule at least one or two service calls a year. These service calls will help you save money while ensuring that any warranty on your unit stay intact.

How To Schedule AC Service In Vidor

AC service is easy to schedule. Many people prefer to schedule their appointment online. This only takes a few minutes of your time. You can even schedule an appointment during your lunch break. If you prefer to talk to a real person, you can always call us to schedule your appointment. At that time, you can ask any questions that you may have about your appointment and servicing your AC unit.

You Can Expect Prompt AC Service The Day Of Your Appointment

There is no waiting around for a service technician to come to you home. If you schedule an appointment for 10a.m, we will be there at 10a.m. Our technicians will have all the tools and parts needed to conduct a thorough inspection of your cooling system. If any damage is found, we will go through your options with you. There will never be any sales pitch or pressure to purchase anything. It is your money, you should control how you spend it.

What To Know If You Are A First Time Customer In Vidor TX

If this is your first time using us for a service call, you should visit our website ahead of time to get familiar with the services that we offer. There are also coupons on our site that can save you money. We offer flexible financing options if you need to have repairs done on your AC unit.

If you have an older unit, you may want to consider upgrading to an energy efficient model. This will save you a lot of money. If you like what you see from us, feel free to ask about an extended service plan. Our plans offer discounts, a warranty and the assurance that your work will be done right the first time by trained professionals.

Anyone who needs AC service should call Thermacon Service Company, Inc. for assistance. Having the right company to perform AC service in Vidor TX is important. You will get the best prices, the best service and the best parts from Thermacon Service Company, Inc. Feel free to call us or go online to schedule an appointment.

Servicing Your Heating and AC system in Orange

Do you know what you would do if your heating or AC system suddenly went out in the middle of the night? If you haven't considered this possibility, we suggest that you become familiar with Thermacon Service Company, Inc. We are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to repair your Orange TX AC system or heating system. For non-urgent appointments, our service technicians are available during regular business hours.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. has been serving home and business owners in Orange TX and the surrounding communities for the past 32 years. We offer repair work, new AC system and heating system installation, preventative maintenance appointments, indoor air quality evaluations and more. We service residential, commercial, industrial and marine customers. For all repair and installation work, we offer a free written estimate upon request.

Scheduling Repair Service for Your Orange AC System or Heating Equipment

At Thermacon Service Company, Inc., we understand that HVAC repairs are often an urgent manner. When you contact us for an appointment, we make every attempt to have a skilled service technician at your home or business the same day. We would also like you to know that we take great care in choosing the technicians who are allowed to service our customers. In addition to passing an extensive background check, we require our technicians to complete one or more certification programs with the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. NATE provides technicians with the skills and expertise they need to do a great job for our customers.

After providing you with a cost estimate, our service technician will then attempt to diagnose your specific HVAC problem. He or she will discuss the matter with you and offer possible solutions before completing the repair job. Before leaving the appointment, our technician will let you know what was done to your HVAC equipment what you need to do to ensure its proper functioning.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer

When you require new installation, our company can help you choose a new Carrier model that best meets your needs. As a factory authorized dealer for Carrier, we are uniquely qualified to represent its products. Nationwide, only five percent of heating and cooling companies that apply for factory authorized dealer status actually receive it. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. feels that Carrier offers the most reliable and energy efficient HVAC equipment on the market.

Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

To keep your heating and AC systems running efficiently, we recommend making a small investment in our preventative maintenance plan. In exchange for a low annual fee, you receive a tune-up of your air conditioner every spring and your heating equipment in the fall. There are a number of proven benefits to annual preventative maintenance, including HVAC system longevity, fewer repair bills, lowered energy bills and improved indoor comfort.

Indoor Air Quality

If someone in your home suffers from a respiratory condition, Thermacon Service Company, Inc. can help you identify ways to improve the air quality of your home.

Benefits and Savings of new AC Installation in Beaumont

Today, investing in a new AC installation in Beaumont comes with many perks. With Energy Star systems and high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratings (SEER), HVAC systems are packing a punch of energy cost savings. With modern technology, the newer systems operate with inverter technology and offer more than 30 percent savings in monthly energy costs. If you've got a system with 10 SEER, today's newer systems can save you up to 60 percent in energy costs. There are units on the market with up to 26 SEER. The difference between a 16 SEER and a 13 SEER is 30 percent more efficiency. If you're upgrading from a 10 SEER to a 26 SEER, you will have a 60 percent reduction in energy costs.

The systems with the higher SEER are more expensive, but you can will recoup the upfront cost. Keep in mind that if you purchase an Energy Star system, you will be eligible for a $1,500 tax credit with the current green initiatives and any existing local incentives. These systems also come with a great warranty. Many brands offer a seven-year warranty on compressor and a five-year warranty on parts. These newer systems are a great value for the dollar.

If the cost savings aren't enough to persuade you, maybe the ultimate comfort levels and superb air quality will. With the modern ductless air condition systems, numerous rooms can be temperature controlled via convenient wireless remotes. That means you can lower the temperature in the kitchen while cooking and increase the temperature in other rooms like a nursery. Simply set the temperature for each room with an easy-to-use controller. The inverter compressor delivers precise indoor comfort with consistent temperature. Sensors detect any temperature disparities and automatically adjust airflow. You can transform any room in the room into an oasis of comfort. There are no more hot or cold spots.

Today's sophisticated multi-faceted air filtration systems remove allergens, contaminants and odors from the room. With indoor air quality often worse than outdoor air quality, you can finally breathe free. Many of the air filters are washable and last over 10 years.

For a quality ac installation, we always recommend a certified installer do the job. There are many advantages to having a qualified installer do the job. One of the main advantages is that the manufacturer's warranty will remain valid with a professional installation. In addition, many homeowners do not have the industry tools, knowledge and skills to do a quality installation. HVAC permits and electrical permits are required for compliance with local, state and federal laws, and it's best to have the pros take care of these tasks.

Always make sure to get a minimum of a one-year-guarantee on the ac installation. Keep in mind that an improper installation may not show problems right away, so a long guarantee is important. Choosing the right contractor to do the installation is key to the unit operating at peak performance. Even a good brand will not perform well if the installation is poor. Choosing a National American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified pro for the installation is a wise choice. NATE-certified technicians have gone through extensive training and tests to earn this industry certification. NATE-certified technicians must also take continuous training to maintain their certification and are up-to-date with the latest HVAC products on the market.

Even though an HVAC system is new, it still requires regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Just like a car, the system needs regular service to prevent a breakdown. You can ask your HVAC contractor what service plans he offers. Typically, service plans range from $200 to $600 a year depending on the level. Industry experts recommend choosing a service plan with a minimum of two annual visits. During a scheduled visit, the technician will have a long checklist of tasks to perform. Tasks usually include checking and fixing leaks, cleaning the coil, cleaning the filter, lubricating parts, testing the thermostat and checking for any faulty wiring. It is the ideal time for a technician to troubleshoot small problems before larger problems develop. If any parts do need to be replaced, service plans offer customers discounts. All around, investing in a service plan is a smart choice and will increase the lifecycle of the unit by 30 percent.

Having a new ac installation is a hefty investment, and a service plan is a great way to protect that investment. On average, to have a ductless air condition system installed costs $2,500 for an 1800-square foot home. Larger homes can range anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000. Depending on how many zones are being installed, the installation for a ductless air condition system can usually be completed in less than two days.

For excellent HVAC service in Beaumont TX, we highly recommend Thermacon Service Company, Inc. The company has a tradition of excellence within the HVAC industry and among customers. Thermacon Service Company, Inc., provides installation, planned maintenance and emergency repairs for both residential and commercial customers. The company is a Carrier factory authorized dealer, and all of its HVAC products are backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. At this company, customers get experienced and highly trained technicians for all of their HVAC needs. The company prides itself in giving customers unparalleled service and strives to provide customers with affordable HVAC solutions.