The Cost of Air Conditioning Repair in Winnie

Even if you are diligent with maintenance on the air conditioning system in your Winnie, Texas home, the day will come when some sort of air conditioning repair will be necessary. When that time comes, the cost of the repairs can be significant. This is because several factors are involved with those repairs, including the cost of replacement parts and the labor needed to handle the replacement and installation of the new components. As part of our ongoing customer support efforts, we at Thermacon Service Company can help you determine how to manage repair costs to best advantage.

How are the Costs Calculated?

The costs of air conditioning repair in Winnie are usually based on some sort of specific schedule of charges. For some repair services, this means applying a flat rate for specific tasks. This means that the cost of labor and repairs is task driven. In other scenarios, the cost will vary depending on the current cost for the replacement parts and the amount of time it takes to make the repair. Both approaches have their pros and cons. For example, if the part is somewhat costly and the repair is time consuming, the flat rate approach may be to your benefit. In other scenarios, paying for the part and a short period of labor may be more cost effective.

Managing Air Conditioning Repair Costs to Best Advantage

While you can choose to simply pay full rates when and as you need some sort of repair to the air conditioning system, it is worth the effort to look into a full service contract. Agreements of this type provide a wide range of benefits, including some savings when you do need repairs. In addition, a full service agreement also includes maintenance support that could help minimize the number of times that the system requires any major repairs.

With a full service agreement in place, a technician will provide a fixed number of maintenance checks on your system each calendar year. During the course of those inspections, the technician may come across some minor issue that is affecting the efficiency of the system. When this is the case, it is possible to make repairs quickly and avoid additional wear and tear that triggers a much more comprehensive problem. From this perspective, those maintenance calls can ultimately save you a lot of time and money.

In the event that you do need some sort of significant air conditioning repair work done, the terms of a full service contract will keep the out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Depending on the provisions including in that contract, you may be able to avoid all labor costs associated with the repairs. In addition, you may qualify for discounted rates on the cost of any parts that require replacement.

If the idea of a service contract sounds appealing, we at Thermacon Service Company can help you compare different options. With several different contracts on hand, it is relatively easy to find the one that offers the right level of benefits at a price that fits easily into your budget.

Schedule Your Air Conditioning Service in Silsbee

Your air conditioning service company should be available whenever you need them for emergencies. It will do no good to call for help and leave a message for someone to call back when the office opens in a day or more. Silsbee, TX homeowners cannot afford to wait for help at someone else's convenience. Thermacon Service Company is ready to help you with emergencies at any time of the day or night.

For emergencies, an air conditioning service technician will evaluate and repair the problem to ensure your unit works properly again. If any other potential problems exist, the homeowner will be advised about the need for further repairs.

Repairs to the ducting in the attic can prove costly; annual maintenance is the best prevention for these problems. Missing or torn insulation allows condensation to form and pool in the attic's insulation and materials. Mold and fungus can grow, causing potential health problems. Rotting wood also attracts insects and vermin. To prevent this from occurring, have an air conditioning service clean and perform any necessary repairs. All the cooled or heated air will be delivered to the house instead of leaking into the attic. The system will not have to make up for the air loss, resulting in lower energy bills.

Maintenance of the inside unit includes the drain, filter and the vents. Pour a cup or two of household bleach into the drain pan and tube every month to kill algae and mold. The filters need to be cleaned or changed on a monthly basis to keep debris from interfering with the evaporator coils. The coils should be checked to ensure incoming air is not prevented from coming into contact with the metal. Refrigerant in the tubes absorbs heat from the air; the difference in temperature between the air and liquid causes condensation to form. This dehumidifies the air for the house.

Maintenance to the outside unit includes keeping the evaporator coils clean and the aluminum fins straight. Inspect the belts and hoses for signs of wear and cracking. A technician will fill the oil and refrigerant containers if needed. Care must be taken to keep any debris away from the unit. To protect the unit from the summer's heat, build or purchase a screen to shade the motor. This allows the motor to run at a cooler temperature and save energy on the utility bill.

There are other steps a homeowner can take to lower their energy bill and stay cooler during the summer, including:

• Installing a digital thermostat
• Installing residential zoning
• Installing home automation
• Upgrading the attic's insulation and ventilation
• Installing energy efficient windows, doors, ceiling fans and appliances

Thermacon Service Company proudly provides expert air conditioning service in Silsbee, TX. Their staff can help you maintain your existing HVAC system for the most efficient use of heating and cooling energy. If you are ready or need an HVAC system replacement, their friendly demeanor and knowledge of new technologies can help you choose a low-cost, energy-efficient HVAC system that will last for many years to come.

The Many Savings Benefits of New AC Installation in Bridge City

Many companies that perform AC installation in Bridge City, TX are available, but the best AC installation companies are in great demand. Some HVAC companies learn installations at their customers' expense, essentially learning on the job. The best HVAC companies have trained and certified technicians that learn their craft before stepping foot inside a customer's home. When you need a new air conditioning system installed in your home, you want to hire a company that knows every aspect of  a new AC installation. You want to know that your questions will be thoroughly answered when selecting your unit, having the installation performed, as well as questions about service after the installation.

You need to select a company that sells and services quality air conditioning systems. Generally, the company that performs your AC installation in Bridge City is the company that will perform any warranty work, including regularly scheduled maintenance, for your system. This is why you want to select an HVAC company that is skilled in performing all types of heating and air conditioning service. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is an HVAC company that serves the Bridge City area and offers a full range of heating and air conditioning services, including installations, service and maintenance.

Save Money by Replacing Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your AC system is eight or more years old, you will save money on your home's energy costs by replacing the system. A new AC installation will save money because newer units utilize energy much more efficiently than units that are older. Additionally, older AC units may require frequent repairs to keep them running when use is high. If your system is over eight years old, and particularly if your system is over ten years old, consider replacing your system to gain energy savings throughout the year.

When To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit

For most homeowners, replacing the HVAC equipment is one of the major investments they will make in their home. So, how do homeowners know when they should replace the HVAC equipment? Obviously, if the system no longer functions, you will need to replace the unit. However, there are usually signs that your unit needs replacement even before the system no longer functions. Ask yourself a few questions to determine if you should consider an AC unit replacement for your home:

1.) Does your HVAC system need frequent repairs?

An occasional repair may be expected for an air conditioning system. However, if you find that you need to call an HVAC company once or twice per season just to keep your home air conditioned, you likely need to replace your equipment. Additionally, you should have your system maintained by a professional HVAC service technician at least once per year. Some repairs may be avoided with regular maintenance, but if your system has some “miles” on it, replacing the unit will not only save you money on your utility bills, you will also be secure in the knowledge that your system should not require repeated repairs over a season.

2.) Is your HVAC equipment more than 10 years old?

If your system is more than 10 years old, the system is considerably less energy efficient than any new system you would purchase today. This is because over the past 10 years, HVAC technology has improved and the units that are rated as having the lowest energy efficiency ratings (SEER ratings) are more energy efficient than units that were considered efficient 10 years ago.

For example, a unit that is 10 or more years old likely is rated with an 8 or 10 SEER. By today's standards, these units are considered very energy inefficient. In fact, federal standards require that any new central air conditioning system sold in the U.S. today have a SEER at or above 13. This means that if your old system has a SEER of 8 and a new system is installed with a SEER of even just 13, your energy savings over the summer becomes significant. Estimates of energy savings indicate that an increase in the SEER of 2 points represents an energy savings of between 15 and 30 percent. Upgrading from a SEER of 8 to a SEER of 13 is an increase of 5 points. You will definitely see a marked difference in lower energy bills.

3.) Are you going to sell your home in the near future?

Another consideration of whether to replace your current system is if you intend to sell your home soon. A newer, more efficient HVAC system will increase the value of your home. In addition, a unit with a high SEER, one that is between 15 and 20, will be a selling point for your home. Now more than ever, potential buyers are considering the energy efficiency of homes in their purchase decisions. Not only will a more energy efficient home save them money over the long run, an energy efficient home is more environmentally friendly and reduces the homeowner's carbon footprint.

When you are ready to replace your existing unit, you want an AC installation company that will help you select the best and most energy efficient unit for your home. You also want to select a company that will perform all of the warranty service after the installation. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is a Bridge City HVAC company that will install and service your new AC unit. Call them today for more information about AC installation.

Invest in an AC Maintenance Contract in Lumberton

Are you getting discouraged by the rising cost of cooling your home in Lumberton, Texas? If so, consider purchasing an air conditioning maintenance contract from Thermacon Service Company. Our company provides AC maintenance in Lumberton for a very reasonable fee. We have been in business long enough to see the difference that regular AC maintenance can make. Air conditioners that receive a tune-up at least once a year run more efficiently, which means that you pay less in operating costs and enjoy greater comfort. Best of all, you guard against the high cost of unexpected repair bills when our service technicians correct minor problems early enough.

What to Expect with an AC Maintenance Appointment from Thermacon Service Company

Every service technician that we send to your home or business in Lumberton has already passed a complete background check from our company. This includes verifying educational and work credentials, a criminal background check and contacting references. Thermacon Service Company technicians wear proper identification at all times.

We also require all technicians who are employed by us to obtain certification from the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. Our company respects the fact that the vast majority of home and business owners prefer to hire a service technician with advance credentials.

You can expect the service technician who is performing your preventative maintenance tune-up to take his or her time and do a thorough job. We provide our technicians with a checklist to ensure that several parts of your air conditioner are inspected. This includes your air filter, condenser, compressor, fan, motor and more. If we find an area that needs improvement, we will fix it during your appointment. In the event that your air conditioner needs more than a minor tune-up, we will let you know what needs to be fixed and the approximate cost of the repair.

You're Making a Great Investment

You will experience both immediate and long-term benefits when you invest in regular AC maintenance with Thermacon Service Company. An air conditioner that is well-maintained costs less to operate and also requires fewer repairs. In addition to decreased operating costs, you should also notice an improvement in your indoor air quality. If you had a problem with parts of your home being too hot or too cold, preventative maintenance should take care of that as well.

At Thermacon Service Company, we believe in rewarding our loyal customers. That is why we offer you a $100 loyalty credit per year when you invest in a preventative maintenance contract with our company. We also offer a 10 percent discount on parts and repairs, priority scheduling for all non-emergency appointments, a one-year warranty on all parts and labor and a one-year supply of filters. This makes it easy for you to remember to change your filters in order to receive maximum energy efficiency from your air conditioner.

We also offer preventative maintenance appointments for your furnace or heat pump. We recommend scheduling that appointment in the fall and your air conditioner tune-up in the spring.

Air Conditioner Repair Services in Port Neches

Are you having trouble with your air conditioning unit? If so, it may be time to schedule an appointment to get your unit looked at. Continuing to deal with a broken air conditioner just means that you are robbing yourself of a comfortable home. Even if your air conditioner seems to be working fine, scheduling an appointment for a routine inspection could be a good idea.

Air Conditioner Repair Can Be Done at Any Time

Those who are living in the Port Neches, TX area know that emergencies can happen at any time. Fortunately, we can do repairs whenever you need them. You shouldn't have to wait for normal business hours to schedule an air conditioner repair appointment. If you would like to schedule an appointment for maintenance of your unit, you can call or schedule online at your convenience. Proper maintenance now will negate a lot of headaches in the future.

Air Conditioner Repair in Port Neches Can Save You Money

You could save yourself thousands of dollars on repair costs if you call right now. Besides having such low installation costs, you can also save money on your utility bill each month. To better serve our customers, our services go beyond just installing the unit. We will help you keep your unit maintained throughout its useful life. This means that you will have a true partner to keep your air conditioner running at full blast whenever you need it.

We Do More Than Just Home Air Conditioner Repair

Homeowners know that we will help them with their air conditioner issues whenever they need it. However, did you know that we also help businesses as well? In fact, we also help you if you are out on the water. Anyone who needs air conditioner repair work done can give us a call for help. If you cannot afford the entire bill, you can arrange for 36 month financing.

The Thermacon Service Company is here to help you whenever you need it. Having your air conditioning running during the hot summer months is something that you shouldn't have to hope for. Whenever you turn it on, it should be working for you. Remember that a properly running unit can save on utility costs as well as increase efficiency. The Thermcon Service Company is respected by its peers and loved by its customers. It is in your best interest to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

Schedule HVAC Service Maintenance in Vidor

With your new HVAC system installed and maintenance contract in place, keeping the system in your Vidor, TX home operating efficiently should be simple. Along with making sure you change filters and follow the instructions found in the owner's manual, it is also important to contact your provider and schedule regular HVAC service calls. The staff at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. will be happy to help you schedule recurring calls based on the terms of your service agreement or schedule one time service calls when and as they are requested.

Call Your Service Provider

You can arrange for HVAC service in Vidor, TX by giving your provider a call a week or so before you want the system checked. When you call, make sure to have your contract number on hand. This will make it much easier for the customer care representative to access your account information. During the telephone call, specify the reason for the service call. For example, you can mention that it is getting time for a routine maintenance check.

Be prepared to work with the provider in order to come up with the best date and time for the maintenance call. To that end, have several different dates in mind. The representative can check each of those dates and determine if there are any openings. Keep in mind that you will need to allow a window of time for the technician to arrive. This means that you will be given a time frame, such as sometime between noon and 2:00 PM. Make sure to verify the date and time with the representative before you end the call.

Schedule the HVAC Service Online

You also have the option of setting up a service call online. This approach involves going to the web site operated by your provider. There, you can access a page and fill in all the information relevant to the appointment. This will include your name, address, contract number and the reason for the requested appointment. From there, you can also designate several different dates and time frames that are convenient for you.

With a little luck, one of those time frames will be free and the system will confirm the appointment. Most systems of this type will provide a confirmation number and also send an email confirmation to the address associated with your account.

Recurring Maintenance Calls

Another approach is to book HVAC service calls in advance. This can be managed by setting the service calls to occur on a recurring basis. For example, you may want the calls to occur every six months, on the second Tuesday of those months. The provider can lock in those dates on your behalf.

One benefit of this approach is that you don't have to remember to schedule the next maintenance call. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. will normally send out some sort of notification several days before the appointment is set to take place. The notification may be by email, post card or even a voice mail message. As long as the date and time is still good for you, there is no need to take any action.

Air Conditioner Service Available in Orange TX

Finding air conditioner service in Orange, TX is not difficult. Trying to find a company in an emergency may prove to be another matter. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. has technicians available anytime you need routine or emergency service. They are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

An air conditioner service company does more than just repair HVAC systems. Technicians can design the most efficient ducting system and help you choose the best unit for your home and finances. New units today use less energy and are quieter than their older counterparts. They can also explain all the new HVAC technologies available to the public today. New units today can use solar/grid hybrid power or solar power alone.

The best way to keep an HVAC system operating properly is with regular maintenance. The air conditioner service technician will inspect and tune the system. He or she will inspect belts, electrical connections, both the evaporator and condensing coils and the motor. Oil and refrigerant will be added as needed. Worn belts will be replaced to prevent breakdowns. The filters will also be changed. The technician will also explain the best way to maintain the system between regular maintenance visits.

A maintenance contract in Orange, TX is a wise investment for any homeowner. In the spring and fall, technicians will provide complete air conditioner service to your unit. Contract customers receive priority scheduling in an emergency and discounts on parts and labor. Service call charges may also be waived.

Cleaning or repairing the ducting system is not often offered as a regular part of maintenance contracts. If it is not offered, homeowners should have this system maintained yearly. The technician will inspect the ducts and vents, note any leaks or missing insulation and evaluate the systems effectiveness. Any leaks will be repaired to protect the attic. This helps to lower the energy bill because the system will not have to make up for the loss. Insulation will be repaired to prevent condensation from forming. This helps prevent mold growth in the attic and ceilings. If the house's grilles have filters, they will be changed as well.

A circular brush on a flexible long pole will be used to clean the ducts. A special vacuum will remove the loose debris. All of the house's bents will be blocked so the debris will not contaminate the inside of the house. After cleaning, the inside of the ducts will be coated with a sealant to prevent mold or fungal growth.

The technician will also inform the homeowner about the best way to maintain the unit between scheduled visits. Regular maintenance will help save the most money on the utility bills and help the unit run efficiently. If an older home has a mercury switch thermostat, he or she will recommend a digital model to help save energy.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. provides air conditioner service in Orange, TX, and the surrounding areas. They can install, maintain and repair any make or model of HVAC system. Heritage and vintage houses can be upgraded with HVAC systems without causing damage to the structure.

The Importance of Air Condition Repair in Beaumont

In Beaumont, TX, homeowners utilize the HVAC system throughout the hot, humid summer months. If the unit breaks down, emergency air conditioner repair is needed to prevent heat-related problems. Indoor temperatures can soar without a working HVAC unit. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. has technicians ready twenty-four hours a day, all year long for any kind of HVAC emergency.

One way to avoid or lessen air conditioner repairs is by having regular maintenance performed. Homeowners can buy a maintenance contract for their unit. This contract means a technician will come out in the spring and fall to tune and/or repair the HVAC unit before the coming season. Worn parts will be replaced to prevent the need for repair later. If an emergency arises, contract customers receive priority scheduling over non-contract customers.

The most common air conditioner repair is a clogged drain tube. Algae, fungi and mold often grow in the warm, moist area. Over time, they can form a clog similar to a clogged artery. If the drain is clogged, the HVAC system does not shut down. The evaporator coils continue to produce condensation from the air. The water backs up in the drain, the HVAC cabinet and the house. You come home to a lake instead of a dry floor.

The first thing to do in this instance is turn the power off to avoid electrocution. Mop up all the water and allow the inside of the unit to dry. Try to remove the clog with a long, thin wire. If you cannot, contact an HVAC company to repair the problem. The technician will remove the clog with compressed air or other means. He or she will test the unit to see if any water damage has occurred to the electronic parts.

Avoiding this air conditioner repair is simple. Every month, pour a cup of bleach into the drain pan and down the drain tube. The bleach will kill algae, fungi, molds and dissolve any other organic materials that could cause clogs. Outside, ensure the drain is free from any obstructions. The water should drain two feet or more from the house. Moist soil areas can attract pests such as ants or termites.

Every homeowner can change or clean HVAC filters on a monthly basis. This prevents dust, hair, dirt or other debris from causing problems with the evaporator coils. If the coils are coated with debris, they cannot dehumidify the air properly. Air conditioner repair in Beaumont, TX, often includes cleaning the evaporator coils. The evaporator coils are filled with cold refrigerant. Indoor air passes over the coils; the difference in temperatures between the refrigerant and the air causes the air's moisture to condense. This drains into the drain pan and out through the drain pipe. Removing the humidity makes the house more comfortable.

One area that is often left out of maintenance until a costly repair is needed is the ducting system. Leaks allow moist air to infiltrate the attic. The moisture allows mold to grow and rots the building materials. The ducts must be insulated to prevent condensation from occurring. Heat or cooling loss in the attic causes the HVAC system to work harder to compensate. This runs the utility bill higher than it needs to be.

One other problem with the ducting system is the buildup of contaminants. Dirt, dust and debris will build up over time. Moisture provides a great medium for molds and fungi to grow. Every time the unit cycles on, these contaminants are blown throughout the house. Annual cleaning and duct inspection/repair will end this problem. Homeowners in Beaumont, TX, might be convinced that they or family members simply have “seasonal illness,” may in fact be reacting to these contaminants. Annual cleaning will remove the debris. This will prevent the “seasonal illnesses” and allow all of the heated or cooled air to reach the occupants.

If an HVAC system has a problem, it is important to have repairs done immediately. The longer a problem exists, the more damage is being done to the unit. The unit's efficiency will drop dramatically and the utility bill will rise. By the time an HVAC company is called, the unit may either need extensive repairs or replacement.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. can perform air conditioner repair on any unit installed in a Beaumont, TX home. If the unit cannot be repaired and needs replacement, their technicians can help you make the right choice for your home and budget. The technician will also recommend further energy-saving measures such as insulation and attic ventilation.

Installing a Central Air Conditioner in Your Port Arthur Residence

Without a doubt, the decision to install a central air conditioner in your Port Arthur, TX home is a very wise move. Along with the ability to keep the home uniformly cool, the right system will also cost less to operate than other options. The trick is to identify the right system and have it installed by professionals who have a vested interest in your satisfaction with the final results. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is dedicated to making sure you are happy with your purchase and the installation.

Size Matters

Your goal is to purchase the best central air conditioner in Port Arthur, TX, one that is just right for your home. There are several factors to consider. The power of the unit should be in line with the total square footage of your home. In addition, the unit should be able to keep all areas of the home at a more or less uniform temperature. Assuming that the insulation in your home is adequate, it should not be a problem to find the best unit.

Keep in mind that if the air conditioning unit is too large for the home, there may be a problem with controlling humidity levels. While the unit will easily lower the interior temperature to the desired level, it will not run often enough to deal with high humidity levels. At the same time, a unit that is too small will run constantly, a factor that will increase the cost of operation.

Checking Energy Efficiency Ratings

Energy efficiency ratings are important when selecting the right central air conditioner. The goal is to find something that is the right size and power, but also has a high energy rating. The rating indicates how much of the consumed energy actually translates into cooler air for the home. A higher rating means you are getting more from the energy that is used to operate the system. That translates into lower utility bills.

The Installation Process

Once you have chosen the right air conditioning equipment for your Port Arthur, TX home, we can set a date and time to begin the installation. There are a few things you can do to help with the process.

If you did not have a central system in the past, this means we will need to run ductwork through the attic and other areas. Making sure that access to the attic is quick and simple is important. You also want to move furniture away from areas in which you want air vents. If you already have existing ductwork and will not need additional returns or vents, the installation process will be much quicker.

Please have someone at your home during the installation. In the event we have questions, that individual should be able to speak on your behalf. This will also help expedite the installation and ensure that by the time you get home from work the house is cool and comfortable.

Our job at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is to make sure you are happy with your new central air conditioner. To that end, we will walk you through the selection process, help you identify the pros and cons of each system and make sure that the installation is professional and efficient

Home Air Conditioner Replacement in Nederland

Nederland, TX residents should be aware that Thermacon Service Company, Inc., a local air conditioner replacement company, is recommending that all homeowners have their air conditioners serviced once a year. In fact, if you have an old or outdated system, you may want to consider an air conditioner replacement to help you save energy.

First of all, if you have an older AC system, the chances are likely that it is using a lot more energy to keep your home at an acceptable temperature. While cleaning the filters, coils, and ducts is necessary to keep your system functioning properly, an old system is simply not capable of cooling a home without using a lot of energy. The newer systems have many different features that will save energy.

One of the options that your air conditioner replacement system may have is an adjustable thermal expansion valve. This valve controls how much refrigerant is being used. On days that the temperature is a little cooler outside and you do not think it is necessary to actually put your AC on high, you can use less refrigerant which will use less energy.

A newer system will also have the option to operate the fan only. By utilizing the fan on your system when the temperatures are cooler outside, you can save a lot of money by not having to operate your air conditioner on full blast. The fan-delay option is another great feature that delays the shut off of the fan until all of the air out of the ducts has been forced out.

Air conditioner replacement in Nederland, TX is an option that many homeowners should consider. The systems that are now available on the market have more options to help one save energy. While you may not wish to add the expense of a new system, you really have to consider how much money you are actually spending to operate the old system. In many cases, homeowner's get a return on this type of investment in just one or two seasons.

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. recommends routine service checks on all air conditioners. The fact is that outdated systems are not anywhere near as efficient as the newer models. Along with added efficiency, homeowners would be able to save money by not having such a high energy bill to keep their homes cooler in the hot summer. All of this adds up to the fact that the homeowner simply cannot go wrong if they do choose to replace their old AC system with a new one.