Summer Storm Damage-What to Look For and How to Fix in Your Golden Triangle Home

In the aftermath of a storm, you may be concerned about the status of your air conditioning system. Storm damage is sometimes difficult to detect without professional equipment and the years of experience that our air conditioning professionals have to offer. Whether you need duct cleaning services or system replacement, we are here for you.

No Power
One of the most common problems that results from storm damage is no power to your HVAC system. If your home has electricity, check to see if the circuit breaker to the HVAC system was tripped. Reset the switch if necessary, otherwise these electrical problems are best left to professionals.

Severe storms bring in strong winds and heavy rains that leave a mess of debris. Debris can penetrate the metal cabinet of the outdoor condenser unit. Avoid the area if there are downed power lines. If the area is clear, remove debris from around the HVAC system. If debris has entered the metal cabinet, your system will require professional repair.

Duct Cleaning Services
After a storm, your home's indoor air quality may decrease. Professional duct cleaning services restore the flow of fresh, healthy air to your home. By eliminating layers of dust from your home's ductwork, professional duct cleaning services performed at least every 3 years help keep the air in your home clean.

At Thermacon Service, our air conditioning service professionals offer all of the services necessary to help you recover from storm damage to your home. Whether you need air conditioner maintenance, repair or the installation of a new system as a result of severe storm damage, we can do the job. When you need professional assessment of your home's HVAC system after a severe storm has passed through Nederland, TX, our team at Thermacon Service is here for you.

Highlights of Portable Indoor Air Quality Monitors for Your Golden Triangle Home

Indoor air quality is a huge concern for many Beaumont, Texas residents these days. That is why our company, Thermacon Service, offers air quality testing and a number of products to improve indoor air quality in your Beaumont home. If someone in your home suffers from chronic allergies or asthma, air quality testing can provide you with useful information on improving indoor air quality. This is often the first step in helping the allergy or asthma sufferer improve symptoms.

When a service technician from Thermacon Service arrives at your home or business to complete air quality testing, he or she will use a process known as GREEN. This stands for Greater Residential Energy Efficiency through New Technologies. In order to provide you with the most accurate results, our technicians will inspect your air sealing, insulation, ductwork, water heating, radiant barriers, air conditioner and heating system. In addition to providing you with information on improving indoor air quality, our suggestions can also help you improve energy efficiency and lower your operating costs.

After completing air quality testing in your Beaumont home, we will provide you with a detailed list of recommendations to improve it. This may involve obtaining additional services from our company, product recommendations or both. Air leakage sealing is a common service provided to homeowners by Thermacon Service. Products that may be helpful to improve air quality include whole house dehumidifiers, air purifiers and stronger filters in your air conditioner or furnace. 

Our most popular air quality control product is the Infinity Air Purifier manufactured by the Carrier Corporation. This device captures and kills airborne bacteria, mold and viruses that can make your family sick. Other products on the market simply trap these airborne pollutants without killing them, making it possible for them to get released into your air again.

Celebrating Carrier's 110th Anniversary of the Invention of Modern Air Conditioning in The Golden Triangle

July is almost here, and that means that the Carrier Corporation will be celebrating the 110th anniversary of the modern air conditioning system. At Thermacon Service, a heating and air conditioning company in Beaumont, Texas, we are just as excited about the upcoming anniversary on July 17, 2012 as the Carrier Corporation. As a factory authorized dealer for Carrier, we are proud of our association with this fine company. With its rich 110-year history, Carrier is the oldest and most respected manufacturer in the entire industry.

Prior to 1902, there was no way for people in Beaumont and the rest of the United States to stay cool indoors. Often times, indoor temperatures in the summertime were even more oppressive than outdoor temperatures. That year, a 25-year-old engineer by the name of Willis Carrier patented the first window air conditioning unit. Although it brought welcome relief for some people, its high cost made it unaffordable for the average worker. Over the course of the next decade, Willis Carrier and his employer made improvements in the process in order to bring down the price of the air conditioner. Around this same time, he started his own company.

For the next several decades, the window air conditioning unit was a mainstay of American homes and businesses. It could also be found in 99 countries throughout the world. In the 1970s, homeowners began to express a desire for an air conditioning system that could keep the entire house cool and not just one room at a time. This was the start of central air conditioning, a preference that remains in place to this day. Nowadays, people who desire even more control over their indoor environment can choose to have a ductless split system air conditioner installed. This allows them to have cool air throughout the home, while having the ability to control the temperature in specific rooms at the same time.

If you are considering a new air conditioner for your home or business in Beaumont, Thermacon Service can help you choose just the right unit. We are also available for new installation services.

The Many Benefits of Residential Control Systems in the Golden Triangle

As a homeowner in Beaumont, TX, you may be looking for a more convenient way to control your central air conditioning system. Residential control systems allow you to set temperature zones for different areas of your home according to your preferred schedule. Our air conditioning service technicians explain the benefits of residential control systems for your Beaumont, TX home.

Improved Comfort
If different people in your family prefer different temperatures, you can use your residential control system to create different zones within your home. You could have each bedroom as its own zone so that each family member can have his or her room at their desired temperature for optimal comfort. From two zones and up, you can find a control system that works for you and your lifestyle.

Better System Performance
One of the best benefits of home control systems is the improvement in HVAC system performance. The control system coordinates the functions of the central air conditioning and heating system to optimize air flow, heating and cooling. This also means less noise during system cycling and improved indoor air quality throughout your home.

Financial Benefits
By creating different comfort zones using your control system, you can reduce the workload on your central air conditioner. The residential control system allows you to reduce the heating or cooling to certain areas of your home so that less energy is used by your HVAC system. 

At Thermacon Service, our team of air conditioning professionals offers residential control systems, air conditioning maintenance, repairs and installation services for your home. By installing a residential control system, you can enjoy the benefits of convenience, lower operating costs and greater home comfort. When you are ready to enjoy these benefits, our team at Thermacon Service is ready to serve your heating and cooling needs.

Make Sure to Schedule Your AC Tune-up This Summer and Beat The Rush in The Golden Triangle

Summer is here in Nederland, TX, which means that your air conditioner will be working overtime to maintain indoor comfort in your home. Help your air conditioner do its job as effectively as possible by scheduling an HVAC maintenance visit. Demand for air conditioning service increases as the summer heats up, which is why it is in your best interest to schedule your HVAC maintenance now.

AC Tune-Up Services
During your AC tune-up service, our professional technicians will do a complete system inspection, check the refrigerant level, clean the condenser and evaporator coils, inspect and clean the condensate drain pan and pipe and replace your system air filter. We will also check all electrical connections and system controls for safe and effective operation.

Energy Efficiency
HVAC maintenance is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner operates at its peak level of performance. A clean, well lubricated system works more efficiently and effectively to cool your Nederland, TX home. Replacing a dirty air filter with a new clean one can boost your system's efficiency by as much as 15 percent.

Improved Indoor Comfort
A well performing air conditioner is better able to cool your home. After your AC tune-up visit, you will notice improved indoor comfort throughout your home. Your home will have fewer temperature variances and better humidity control after your air conditioner is professionally cleaned, lubricated and inspected.

At Thermacon Service, we offer convenient HVAC maintenance appointments that fit with your busy schedule. Scheduling your HVAC maintenance as early this summer as possible will help you to beat the rush and enjoy better energy efficiency and more effective cooling throughout the rest of the summer months. When you need HVAC maintenance, repairs or installation this summer, our team at Thermacon Service is here to help you.

The Many Benefits of Owning an Energy Efficient Home in The Golden Triangle

If you spend any time reading air conditioner reviews, you know that newer models are more energy efficient than ever. Thermacon Service Company, Inc., a heating and cooling company in Beaumont, Texas, is available to help you understand air conditioner reviews and make the best possible choice for your home or business. Whether you are trying to be more energy efficient with your current model or you are considering replacing it entirely, our company can help. We encourage you to read air conditioner reviews thoroughly and then contact us for further assistance.

For people who are trying to become more energy efficient with their current HVAC equipment, we recommend contacting our company for an energy audit. We will also conduct an indoor air quality evaluation at the same time. At Thermacon Service Company, Inc., we understand the importance of operating an energy efficient home or business as well as the health benefits of clean indoor air. During our evaluation of your Beaumont home or business, we will look for problem areas and bring them to your attention. These may include issues such as air leaks, an inefficient furnace or air conditioner, ductwork that needs cleaning, hot and cold zones in your home and much more.

At the conclusion of our energy assessment and indoor air quality report, our service technicians will provide you with a recommended list of changes you can make. The report will also include products and services available from Thermacon Service Company, Inc. The information provided by our service technicians and air conditioner reviews, will leave you feeling confident in making improvements to your living or working environment. You will also enjoy greater comfort, lowered utility costs and heating and cooling equipment that lasts longer. Best of all, the air you and your family breathe will be clean and healthy.

Invest in a New AC System and Start Saving in The Golden Triangle

If your air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old or has a SEER rating of 10 or less in Beaumont, TX, you need to consider a new AC installation. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. has expert technicians who will help you choose a unit that will save money. 

The first item to consider in a new AC installation is the size of the unit. Begin by having an energy audit performed to determine your house's HVAC needs. The technician may recommend you add more insulation or new insulation and increase insulation around windows among other things. These are wise investments that will save money on the utility bill and pay for themselves over time. A unit that is too large for the house will waste energy. A unit that is too small will run almost constantly to cool the house.

For the AC installation, choose a unit with the highest SEER rating you can afford. The higher the rating is, the more energy efficient the unit is. Ratings can go as high as 24. Some units accept power from both the grid and solar panels. These units report saving customers up to 60% on the utility bill. 

As well as a high SEER rating for your AC installation, look for an SEER sticker rating on the unit; this is the Energy Star sticker. The unit is highly efficient and will save money and energy. You cannot go wrong with this unit. Investing in one of these units will pay you back over time. 

Having the ducting system inspected, cleaned or repaired should be part of the AC installation. To save money and allow the system to deliver clean air to the house, this should be done on an annual basis. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. in Beaumont, TX, can install, maintain, and repair the ac system in your home. 

Energy Efficiency Ratings (AFUE, SEER, HSPF)-How Do They Effect Savings in The Golden Triangle

If you have had an energy audit performed on your Nederland, TX, home, the energy auditor may have recommended that you upgrade your home's HVAC or water heater systems. Price alone should not determine which unit you should buy. While some units are cheap, they are not guaranteed to be efficient or work past their warranty. They are also not guaranteed to save you money on the utility bills. You should begin your search according to the energy efficiency ratings of the units being considered. 

Your energy auditor will recommend high efficiency units for your home. He or she is not acting as a salesperson; they are recommending units that will save you money on your utility bills. Understanding the different energy efficiency ratings will help you locate the right unit for your Nederland, TX, home. Since some appliances are used only during part of the year, the ratings are given seasonally. 

The first of the energy efficiency ratings belong to HVAC systems. It is called the SEER, or seasonal energy efficiency rating. A rating of 9 or 10 is considered low. Many units older than 10 years old are in this range. New construction standards require HVAC systems of 13 or higher to be installed in new construction. The ratings can go as high as 24; these are the most efficient units. The increased price is covered by the energy savings. 

The second of the energy efficiency ratings your energy auditor will explain is the AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency. It is given to fuel burning furnaces. The rating is expressed as a percentage. The higher the percentage, the more efficient the furnace is. 

The third rating the energy auditor gives is to air source heat pumps and is also expressed as a ratio. It is the ratio of BTU's over the heating season itself to the number of watt-hours of electricity used. Look for the highest rating available. 

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. in Nederland, TX, can explain energy efficiency ratings and savings for these and other systems. They can send an energy auditor to your home to start the process of saving you money on your utility bills for years to come. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Steps to Take if Water is Found Pooling Around Your Air Conditioner in the Golden Triangle

If you come home in Nederland, TX, and find water pooling on the floor, do not panic. You may need to perform air conditioner maintenance or have repairs done. There are steps you should take to determine where the water came from, what to do about it and how to prevent it in the first place. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. is here to help you with any problems anytime, day or night. 

Turn off the house's main power. You do not want to work around an electrical machine while standing on a wet floor. The indoor fuse box is not enough to shut down the AC unit. It is often  tied to the house's main power instead. Clean up the water from the floor, walls and other places. 

Open the unit's main door and inspect the electrical components with a flashlight. If they are dry, check the drain pan and line running from the evaporator coils to the outside. Empty and dry the drain pan. Pour a cup of bleach into the pan and turn the unit on. If the bleach does not move, the pump is clogged. You will need to call an air conditioner maintenance company for repair. If the pump works but bleach starts coming from the drain tube, it is clogged. Open the access port and try to clear the line by using a heavy wire. Use the wire gently. If you cannot clear the line, call for help. If the water drains, pour a cup of bleach into it. 

Routine air conditioner maintenance is the best way to prevent water from draining into the house. Pour a cup of bleach in the drain line every month to prevent algae growth. Pour bleach into the drain pan to keep the pump clear. Have the ducting system cleaned and maintained on an annual basis so water does not condense and pool in the attic. 

Thermacon Service Company, Inc. in Nederland, TX, is ready to perform air conditioner maintenance on any make or model of HVAC system your house has. 

Get The Most Effective Air Conditioning System For Your Golden Triangle Home

When your Nederland, TX home needs an air conditioning installation, it is in your best interest to install the most effective air conditioning system available. Today's air conditioning installations offer features including energy efficiency, convenience and cost effective operation that benefit all homeowners. When you want an air conditioning installation with an effective and efficient new system, our team is here to help you.

Energy Efficiency
Today's air conditioning systems offer energy efficiency at higher levels than previous generations of systems provided. With SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings of 14 and higher, you can save up to 30 percent on the cost of your monthly utility bills for cooling your home. 

Increased Durability
When you have a new air conditioning installation in your home, you expect it to provide lasting comfort for years. Today's systems are built to last longer than ever before with fewer repairs or coolant recharges.

Better Indoor Comfort
When it comes to providing effective indoor comfort, today's new air conditioners cannot be beat. The newest systems offer constant and consistent airflow, reduce temperature variations between rooms or levels of your home and more effectively dehumidify your home's air. New central air conditioning systems also come with programmable thermostats so that you can set your desired temperature for different times of the day and week.

At Thermacon Service Company, Inc., we offer the most effective and affordable air conditioning installations available for your Golden Triangle or Nederland, TX home. We perform professional air conditioning installation so that you and your family can enjoy the greatest level of indoor comfort possible. When you are looking for the most effective air conditioning system for your Nederland, TX home, our team at Thermacon Service Company, Inc. has the air conditioning system that is just right for your comfort and budget.