The Moisture Epidemic Suggests That Your Air Conditioner in The Golden Triangle is Affected by Moisture

As a homeowner in Beaumont and Nederland, TX and the surrounding areas, your air conditioner works hard to keep you and your family comfortable. Living in The Golden Triangle means that your air conditioner must deal with heat and humidity for much of the year. This moisture epidemic significantly impacts the functioning of your air conditioner. Our professional air conditioning service technicians offer these tips to help reduce moisture and humidity in your home.

If your home in the Golden Triangle has a moisture problem, a dehumidifier may solve your issue. Dehumidifiers work in conjunction with your air conditioner to remove moisture. You may purchase a stand-alone dehumidifier for a small space such as a partial basement or several stand- alone dehumidifiers for larger areas. Our professional air conditioning service technicians install whole-house dehumidifiers that work with your HVAC system to dehumidify your home.

Home Improvements
Making some minor home improvements on your home in the Golden Triangle may reduce the burden on your air conditioner in dealing with the moisture epidemic. Seal any cracks in your home's foundation, as moisture may seep into your home. Repair any leaky faucets or pipes. Clean the gutters so rain water can flow away from your home and extend the downspouts to direct water away from the foundation of your home.

Increasing the ventilation in your home in the Golden Triangle helps dissipate moisture levels. Run the exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom while cooking and showering. If your home does not have exhaust fans, open a window. Our professional air conditioning service technicians will install exhaust fans to help remove moisture from your home.

The Advanced Energy Center Reports the U.S. Will Be Energy Independent by 2016. Is It Possible?

According to the Advanced Energy Center, the United States gets 50 percent of its energy from foreign suppliers. This energy keeps air conditioning running. It also helps heating units warm every home in the Golden Triangle and the rest of America. However, the Advanced Energy Center believes that the country can become energy independent soon.

The Advanced Energy Center aims to regain control of the country's energy supplies. The organization pursues this project with the help of political leaders, corporations and citizens. They hope to accomplish energy independence by July 4, 2016. However, many have asked if this is possible. 

With the advancement of technology and engineering, the supporters of this program believe that it is possible. In fact, there are heating and cooling systems that run on geothermal and solar power now. These power sources do not seem to have any problems running air conditioning units. Geothermal and solar power sources are safer for the environment and do not decrease the functionality of the heating and cooling units. Residents of The Golden Triangle who prefer these systems save a lot on costly energy bills. 

If these power sources safely and efficiently run air conditioning systems and furnaces, they can also do the same with other electrical appliances. Coupled with more effort, research and engineering, an energy independent U.S. is within reach. In 2016, all heating and cooling systems may operate using energy that was produced in the U.S. Residents of the Golden Triangle will no longer have to worry about their high energy bills. 

When that time comes, air conditioning unit owners can enjoy the summer indoors. However, it also requires the development of a comprehensive energy policy to support this cause. Home and business owners in the Golden Triangle should support this program and make energy independence possible in 2016.

These Helpful Tips Can Help You Reduce Mold and Control Humidity at Home in The Golden Triangle

If you are experiencing high levels of humidity or seeing mold outbreaks at your home in The Golden Triangle, our professional air conditioning service and heating service technicians can help you to eliminate the problem. You may not be aware that mold problems often begin with humidity control issues within the heating and cooling system of your home in The Golden Triangle. The following tips can help you reduce mold and control humidity in your home.

Check your home often for mold development.  Some of the more prevalent places mold spores grow include walls, the basement, the attic, and on furniture.  Mold typically looks like several circles of black dots that have formed into a group. If you choose to attempt to clean it on your own, put on a face mask and goggles for protection, as mold can be highly toxic when inhaled. You can also opt to have your home evaluated for mold at your next air conditioning service or heating service visit.

Look over your air conditioning unit to ensure there is no access moisture or standing water, and empty the drainage tray regularly. Our air conditioning service and heating service technicians in The Golden Triangle can show you the areas on your HVAC system which commonly accumulate moisture and offer additional information on how to prevent the build-up of moisture. By regularly inspecting your HVAC units, you can avoid costly air conditioning service or heating service visits in the future.

Invest in a dehumidifier. A dehumidifier helps to remove excess moisture from the air, therefore regulating the humidity levels, which is the best defense against mold growth. Our air conditioning service and heating service technicians can evaluate your home and provide you with details on the make and model that is appropriate for your home in The Golden Triangle.

Considering Selling Your Home in The Golden Triangle Area? Technology Advances in Heating and Cooling Can Help

Homeowners can increase property value by upgrading the home's cooling and heating system. In addition to remodeling, air conditioning or heating system upgrades are very effective in increasing the value of your property. The efficiency of your home's HVAC system can have a great impact on the price that home buyers will pay.

Buyers look beyond the general appearance of a home; they consider future gains, and homes with HVAC upgrades attract buyers. Upgrading your heating and the cooling system is one of the smartest investments you can make as you try to sell your home. Energy-efficient products are available at affordable prices, and our expert technicians in The Golden Triangle area can discuss with you the many options available to improve your home's heating and air conditioning system.  Warranty services and flexible payment terms may be available, and residents in The Golden Triangle may also be able to take advantage of tax credits.

Heating and cooling system upgrades may be costly at first. However, efficient HVAC systems will pay for themselves over time. Energy-efficient air conditioning units and heating systems help reduce energy bills. In addition, they are sturdy and can last a long time.  HVAC upgrades can prevent frequent repairs and issues, and buyers looking to purchase a home in The Golden Triangle will surely consider the quality of your HVAC system.

Buyers pay a lot of attention to utility bills and expected costs relating to air conditioning units and heating systems. Air conditioning and heaters with low operating costs are more attractive to buyers. If you are a resident in The Golden Triangle and plan to sell your property in the future, you should consider an upgrade to your HVAC system. You can enjoy added value to your Golden Triangle home. Upgraded HVAC systems are an excellent investment for every homeowner. 

How Does the Accelerated Phase-out of R-22 (Freon) Affect My Air Conditioning System?

The Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), a part of the US government, recently proposed an accelerated phase-out of R-22 which is an HCFC (hydro-chlorofluoro-carbons) refrigerant known by various names such as Freon Genetron, Isotron, Carrene and Frezone.  The Montreal Protocol, an international effort, has a goal to eliminate these recognized ozone depleting substances.   Most homeowners refer to this refrigerant generically as Freon. 

As a result of the accelerated phase-out of R-22, the cost of R-22 (Freon) has increased over 400% in the last 3 months.  In addition, our suppliers have restricted the amount of Freon that can be purchased at one time.  If you have a system that uses Freon, we will continue to be able to complete your repairs; however, your repair bill will reflect a higher cost for R-22 refrigerant due to the increase in cost for us to purchase it. 

Looking forward, if your system still uses R-22 (Freon), you should consider the following:

If your system is over 8 years old:

This may be the time to look at replacing your system with a newer one that uses the only approved refrigerant: R-410a.

If your system has R-22 (Freon) and is operating well:

We will take care of you. We have purchased enough R-22 for repairs, even though you should expect higher repair bills.

If your system has R-22 and the outside unit (compressor) fails:

It can sometimes be replaced with a replacement R-22 part, but you will be faced with higher R-22 and repair costs in the future. Outside and inside units need to match in size. Replacing your outside unit with an R-22 part is typically a lower cost ‘Band-Aid' fix but may be an option for you, depending on your individual circumstances.

Technology and equipment may change over time.  But one thing that won't change is our commitment to you, our customer.   We value and appreciate your business.

Common Ventilation Problems Can Be Averted with New Air Conditioning and Heating Products and Services for Your Home in The Golden Triangle

Common ventilation problems arise in almost every household in The Golden Triangle area. This is because of varying weather conditions and changes in the season. Our local HVAC technicians can come to your home and assess any issues related to your air conditioning and heating system. While you can check for minor issues on your own, you should not try to perform extensive air conditioning or heating repair. Our certified technicians can diagnose any problems and recommend the best possible air conditioning and heating repair solutions.

Fogged windows are a common problem in The Golden Triangle. One likely cause of this is poor ventilation in the household. You should set your indoor moisture to 40 percent or lower. This will provide stable humidity inside your house. Moisture levels outdoors are often high and this can compromise ventilation. Check your HVAC system, as you should be able to manually turn down the humidity. If ventilation remains an issue, you should seek air conditioning and heating repair from one of our technicians in The Golden Triangle area. We may recommend the installation of a heat recovery ventilator.

There are some ventilation issues that occur specially during the summer.  Basements and other areas of the house often get damp during the summer, because the air outside contains a lot of moisture.

Having your system checked regularly, and prior to both winter and summer, can help you avoid some of the common ventilation issues that sometimes arise.  We can provide both air conditioning repair and heating repair, or you can opt for a maintenance program with regularly scheduled visits to help maintain your HVAC system.

Enjoy Added Comfort at Home in The Golden Triangle with a Hydronic Heating System

If your home in The Golden Triangle is not as warm as you would like it to be, consider switching to a hydronic heating system. This is a method of heating your home from the ground up, as opposed to having heat blowing into your home through your regular heater. One of our local technicians in The Golden Triangle area can come to your home to evaluate it for the possibility of an upgrade to a hydronic heating system. Along with the evaluation, our service technician can provide you with detailed information about the many benefits of this new way to heat your home.

The hydronic heating system is made up of tubing, a hot water heater, manifolds, pumps, and wood panels or a concrete-like building material. The water is heated below the floor boards of your home in The Golden Triangle and then rises to produce heat. This type of heating system tends to produce more even results, so that the heat is consistent throughout your home in The Golden Triangle. In addition to warm floors and evenly distributed heat, hydronic heating provides you with hot water for both the laundry room and bathrooms.

If your home in The Golden Triangle is quite small, the hydronic heating system may not be your best choice. There several components to setting this type of system up, all of which require a sufficient amount of space. However, one of our local experts can come to your home to evaluate the space you have.  Once your new system is installed, you may see savings of up to 40 percent almost immediately. It is also a quiet system, as it does not require ductwork or fans to operate.  Hydronic heating works best when you install it throughout your entire home, and can be installed when the home is first being constructed or during remodeling.

Condensers and Coils - How They Help Your HVAC System in The Golden Triangle

Living in The Golden Triangle area, you rely on your air conditioning and heating system during the ups and downs of summer and winter. Our local HVAC dealers in The Golden Triangle area can provide you with the repair and maintenance tasks that may arise. Our technicians will also supply you with a better understanding of how these systems operate and why maintenance is so important in the daily operation of your air conditioning and heating system.

Our HVAC technicians in The Golden Triangle area would like to help you understand the importance of the condensers and coils in your air conditioning and heating system. An HVAC system operates only as well as the system is cared for, in terms of maintenance and general upkeep. A better understanding of the heating and air conditioning system can help you understand why tune-ups, inspections, and general maintenance plays a key role in the efficient and smooth operation of your HVAC system.

Condensers and coils work together to create the cool air that produces the comfort levels on hotter days. The warm air inside your home is used to produce the colder air you feel. The warm air travels through the system, where the refrigerant has turned from a gas form into a liquid form. The liquid remains at a very cold temperature. Two processes work from here, producing the final result of cold air. The system's blower pushes the warm air over the evaporator coils, which houses the cold liquid. The air is cooled by the cold liquid and circulates throughout the home by the blower.

As the process continues, the warm air is cooled by crossing over the coils. The refrigerant goes from a liquid form into a gas and the cycle will continue as the gas moves on back to the condenser to begin the process once more.

To keep the system operating in the efficient, clean way it does, the maintenance of the unit is important. Tune-ups, inspections, and air duct cleanings ensure the system's parts all play their role in the operation. Our HVAC technicians in The Golden Triangle can answer questions you may have and set up your system on a maintenance program so that you will have a healthy, efficiently operating system.

Steps to Take to Save on Heating Costs

Does it seem like the cost to run your heating system in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas increases every month? Before you schedule heating repair with a heating service provider, you may want to consider some energy saving tips you can manage on your own. After going through your house and making some changes, you may still wish to consult with a commercial air and heat company in Beaumont or Nederland or the surrounding areas for additional ideas.

Heat may be escaping through your windows if they are not tightly sealed. One way of solving this problem without professional heating repair services is to invest in caulking and weather-stripping. You can buy these items for your heating system at a home improvement store. Before you begin your project, look for areas near your windows where even a small amount of air can escape. You should also cover any holes surrounding the window, no matter how small.

Another improvement you can make to your heating service is to check your home for adequate insulation. A professional commercial air and heating provider can give you guidance on how much insulation a home of your size needs. Insulation for your home is like a blanket for your body when you sleep. It helps to keep you warm without the need for artificial improvements to your heating system.

Dirty furnace filters are another reason that people contact an HVAC company for heating repair, but they may not realize it. If your heating system is running sluggishly, the solution may be as simple as changing your furnace filter once a month. You can get the filters from a commercial air or heating service or at your neighborhood hardware store. These are just some small ways you can offset the cost of heating service or heating repair from a commercial air provider.

Intelligent Home Heating and Cooling System from Carrier

If you are considering purchasing new air conditioning service, you should know about the Intelligent Home Heating and Cooling System from Carrier. This is the first cooling and heating system of its kinds that integrates six key functions that control comfort level. These include temperature, zoning, ventilation, airflow, humidity, and indoor air quality. Since this product is new on the market, contact an AC repair or heating repair company in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas to learn more about it.

As the most recognized name in the heating and cooling industry, Carrier manufactures new products for your heating system or air conditioning service every year. An experienced service technician from a local HVAC company can provide you with additional information about any product you are considering, such as warranty information and typical cost to run the unit. You may also need to contact a local heating and cooling provider for heating repair or AC repair, regardless of the type of unit you own. Although many HVAC companies in Beaumont and Nederland prefer to work with Carrier, service technicians are trained to provide heating repair and AC repair on all makes and models.

When you call for air conditioning service or heating system service, ask if you can get a free estimate before you commit to an appointment. When you know the approximate cost of your heating repair or AC repair ahead of time, you can work it into your household budget. You may also find out that air conditioning service or heating system service isn't enough to keep your units running efficiently. In this case, replacing them with new heating or air conditioning installation will be the most cost-effective move over time. You may be able to lessen the impact of paying for new installation with tax incentives or dealer rebates.