Why might the cost of maintaining your heating and air conditioning system increase substantially in The Golden Triangle?

R-22, better known to most consumers as Freon, is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The EPA is a part of the United States government and develops solutions and creates laws that protect the environment.  The EPA has joined with international efforts to eliminate ozone depleting substances.  This effort is called the Montreal Protocol.  Most countries around the world began enforcing the project shortly after it was started n 1987, but since Jan. 1, 2010, the US has been fully involved. 

As part of the Montreal Protocol, the EPA has begun a Phase Out program which will eventually lead to a complete ban on all ozone depleting substances that includes all HCFC (chlorofluorocarbons) refrigerants. The Phase Out works by slowly mandating the use of HCFC Freon to the point of nonexistence. Freon is a trade name introduced by Dupont.  Other refrigerant names used by other manufacturers are Genetron, Isotron,  Carrene and Frezone; although it is most commonly referred to as Freon by homeowners.

Under the Montreal Protocol, beginning in 2010, Freon could not be used in newly installed HVAC systems.  Instead of Freon, a more environmentally friendly refrigerant called R-410a was to be used.

How does that affect you now?

It was recognized that Freon would still be needed for years in the servicing and repair of existing systems and can continue to be produced for servicing and repair purposes until 2020. Recently, the EPA proposed an accelerated phase-out of R-22 (Freon) which has caused the cost of R-22 to go up over 400% in the last two months.  Our suppliers have also restricted the quantity of R-22 we can purchase.

If you have a system that uses Freon, we will continue to be able to complete your repairs; however, your repair bill will reflect a higher cost for Freon due to the increase in cost for us to purchase it. 

We value your business and work hard to keep our service pricing competitive.  We will continue to keep you informed about federal regulations, their impact on HVAC systems and how they affect you. Your understanding is appreciated.  Please call us at any time for additional information or to find out if you have a system that uses FREON refrigerant.

Are Air Conditioner Thefts on the Rise in The Golden Triangle Area?

Air conditioner thefts are no longer surprising news. This issue can be a problem for residential home owners and even business owners whose air conditioning systems are in buildings with stricter security. With the rise of air conditioner thefts nowadays, it is good to know that there are air conditioning service providers in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas that offer AC repair and installation. These companies can help install new air conditioning units and heating systems for any home with just one call.

During a burglary, thieves may leave an air conditioning and heating system damaged. If this is the case, customers can call for AC repair and heating repair service to check on their units. These companies employ top notch technicians that can solve any heating and cooling issues for both residential and commercial clients. They offer emergency services, including air conditioning service and heating repair, for immediate jobs that need a response within 24 hours. All companies that serve Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and the surrounding areas are reachable by phone, and many can accept job requests online.

People who lose their air conditioner due to theft can always request the installation of a new cooling or heating system. Aside from installation, air conditioning service providers also offer AC repair and heating repair. These companies offer a wide variety of services to fit everyone's needs and budget. Customers also can request preventative maintenance. During a maintenance inspection, technicians will check a client's cooling and heating system and do any AC repair or heating repair that the unit needs. Small errors are corrected to ensure that the air conditioning and heating system is running smoothly. Immediate repairs can prevent further damage and can help save customers a lot of money on air conditioning service in the future. Regular maintenance can also ensure that air conditioning systems are kept secure to prevent the possibility of theft.

News From the 2012 NextGen Home Show about Carrier

Carrier is one of the sponsors of the 2012 NextGen Home Show that was held in January during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The show was meant to help homeowners take control of the comfort of their homes and save energy through the use of Carrier products. Carrier showcased the Infinity heating and cooling systems and other air conditioning solutions offered by the brand. Top of the line products from Carrier were featured during the event. For homeowners in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and the surrounding areas, installation of new Carrier systems under this product line can be made possible by quality air conditioning service and heating service providers.

For people who want Infinity Carrier products installed in their home, it is important to work with authorized dealers. These dealers also offer heating repair and air conditioner repair. They employ skilled technicians that can offer air conditioning service and air conditioner repair when units have problems.

During hot summer days, it is important to have a working air conditioning unit. Air conditioner repair will help everyone stay cool and stress free during the hot season. Some people just can't take the heat of the sun during the summer. It is always comforting to know that everyone will come home to a cozy, cool and relaxing home with a working AC unit. This is why it is important to get air conditioning service for installing a cooling system and air conditioner repair if anything goes wrong.

During the winter season, homes often need heating service, as the nights can really be cold. To fix HVAC equipment, there are a number of companies that offer heating repair and heating service. It is best to have heating repair done before the winter season comes in. Heating repair and maintenance can help beat the winter chill.

For air conditioning service and heating service, homeowners can always check online for companies in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and the surrounding areas.

Consequences of Neglecting an Annual Furnace Inspection

The HVAC system is built to operate at the highest levels of efficiency. When the maintenance tasks are ignored, the unit is subject to heating service calls, heating repair tasks, and even having to install a whole new system. Heating system maintenance tasks are easy and most are required only once per year.

The Beaumont and Nederland, Texas HVAC technicians provide you with information about maintaining your heating system to avoid those costly heating repair visits. Heating service technicians perform three vital maintenance tasks on the HVAC system to keep it operating perfectly. Tune-ups, air duct cleaning, and inspections are important steps to ensuring your heating system is performing properly.

When you neglect to have the yearly maintenance inspection, the system can malfunction from a faulty or deteriorating part which could have been located during the routine visit. When we neglect our heating system, the health of our family is at risk, along with our system's performance and operating level. 

The HVAC system is built to run at the highest levels of efficiency, while supplying us with the optimum in air quality. If the tune-up, air duct cleaning, and most importantly the inspection is ignored, the results are heating service visits more often than needed, heating repair costs that could have been avoided by catching the issue ahead of time, time without the comfort of heat in the home, unhealthy air quality in the home, and possible further damage to the system.

During a routine inspection, the heating service technician can locate a part that may be ready to falter, or a portion of the unit that isn't operating properly. The heating repair cost of one piece is much less expensive than replacing several parts that may be damaged from improper operation. The technician can locate any problems with the system that may be causing it to operate inefficiently as well, which saves you money on your heating or cooling bill.

How to Troubleshoot Air Conditioning and Heating

Waking up or coming home to a malfunctioning heating system is an unwelcome surprise for any home or business owner in Beaumont and Nederland, TX and the surrounding areas. Before you call for a heating repair or air conditioning service, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot your heating system.

Check the thermostat settings for your heating system. A power fluctuation, outage or someone else in your home or office could have reset the system.

Make sure the power is on to the air conditioner, air handler and furnace. A tripped breaker could interrupt your air conditioning service. If there is a problem with your electrical box, do not attempt to repair it yourself due to the risk of electrocution. Our professional air conditioning service technician can perform your AC repair with safety in mind.

If it has been a while since your last AC repair or heating repair, your system may need maintenance. Remove your air filter and clean or replace it. Lubricate the motor with oil as directed by the homeowner's manual.

Look around the motor, fan and vents of your HVAC system. Remove any obvious obstructions such as tree limbs if you can do so safely. If you cannot remove the obstruction, our professional service technicians are available 24/7 for emergency AC repair.

After troubleshooting your air conditioner and furnace, you will be prepared to call for an AC repair or heating repair. Our air conditioning service technician will ask several questions about your HVAC system's symptoms. Completing these troubleshooting steps will help our technician complete your AC repair or heating repair efficiently. Whether you need residential heating system maintenance or commercial emergency air conditioning service, we offer our services throughout Beaumont and Nederland, TX and the surrounding areas.

Guide to Your Homes' Unique Air Conditioning and Heating

When you request air conditioning service or heating service in Beaumont or Nederland, TX, the air conditioning and heating repair provider you contact may ask if you have a written manual for either unit. If you purchased your air conditioning service or heating service new, it should have come with a detailed manual to help you keep it well-maintained in between visits from an air conditioning and heating repair company. It will instruct you on such things as how to change filters, cleaning techniques, and how to know when you should call a service technician.

However, if you moved into a home where the units were already in place, you may not have much information about them. This is nothing to be concerned about when you work with a professional HVAC provider in Beaumont or Nederland. The HVAC company may routinely ask this question to better understand how much knowledge you have about your heating and air conditioning systems before performing air conditioning and heating repair. Most HVAC dealers instruct service technicians on how to work with all makes and models of heaters and air conditioners.

Before scheduling an appointment for heating service or air conditioning service, go through your home and see if there are simple solutions to your problem first. For example, make sure your furnace and thermostat are on and that your furnace or air filters aren't too dirty. By taking care of these common problems yourself, you can save on the cost of professional air conditioning and heating repair. If you notice more serious issues requiring air conditioning and heating repair, don't try to tackle them yourself unless you have training in heating and cooling systems. You could do more harm than good and end up needing professional heating service or air conditioning service anyway.

Save Money by Scheduling an HVAC Service Plan for your Beaumont or Nederland, TX Home

If air conditioning and heating repair costs for your home in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas are getting out of control, consider signing up for a maintenance service agreement with a local HVAC dealer. Most professional heating and cooling companies offer their customers the opportunity to receive regular tune-ups of both their heating unit and air conditioning system. When you invest in air conditioning and heating maintenance, you help to prolong the life of each unit as well as lower your monthly energy costs.

If you notice that a large part of your budget is going to air conditioning and heating repair every month, this is a good sign that you need to make a change. With a maintenance service plan, a heating and cooling technician comes to your home every six to twelve months to make needed adjustments to each of your units. If you require more involved repair or even new installation, you generally receive a small discount on parts and labor as a member of a service plan. You may also enjoy priority scheduling over non-members, as well as having access to unadvertised special discounts.

When searching for an air conditioning and heating maintenance contract, choose an experienced HVAC dealer in Beaumont or Nederland, TX to provide it for you. A company that has been established for many years is more likely to have experienced service technicians as well as a wide range of service plans to meet your needs. You should always investigate any heating and cooling company you are considering hiring before doing business with them for the first time. Some of the ways you can do this are to ask for professional references, check consumer websites like Angie's List or the Better Business Bureau or ask for recommendations from your neighbors.

Do You Have an Inefficient HVAC System?

Home and business owners may not understand the importance of identifying signs of HVAC troubles. Following the air conditioning and heating installation, frequent checking and preventive measures should be observed to avoid serious potential problems. If owners want to lower energy bills, the best thing to do is be mindful of even the most minor signs of system failure.

Those living in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas can contact local HVAC service providers once they notice slight changes in the functioning of the system. Depending on the case, they can request emergency air conditioning and heating repair if necessary.

Among the most common signs of ineffective HVAC systems is a lack of cooling or heating in the indoor area. In some cases, the air conditioner produces ice on its exterior, but does not provide equal temperature throughout the house. The usual cause of this is clogging that could either be in the air filter or the ducts. If this situation occurs, experts in Beaumont and Netherland, TX, and surrounding areas should be called. These kinds of HVAC system troubles can cause a high level of inconvenience for occupants and even lead to illness.

Ideally, owners should not experience problems, especially after the installation of new units. If troubles arise less than a year after installation, the service provider is usually still responsible for repair. Make sure that the chosen air conditioning and heating installation service comes with a warranty so as not to pay for additional service if you experience a problem.

Air conditioning and heating repair and other related services are readily available. However, they are not always cheap. Owners should do their part in caring for their HVAC system so they are able to do away with extra expenses. Inefficient HVAC systems with problems that cannot be handled alone should be reported to the pros immediately.

Air Conditioning Repair in Beaumont, TX

Spring is in the air in Beaumont, TX, and the heat and humidity of summer won't be far behind it. If your air conditioner has been sitting dormant for more than a few months, now is the perfect time to contact an air conditioning repair company in Beaumont, TX about getting a spring tune-up. Most heating and cooling companies in Beaumont, TX offer their customers the opportunity to receive an annual inspection of both their air conditioner and heater by joining a preventative maintenance program. Compared to the cost of air conditioning repairs or a new installation, the cost of membership in this type of plan is very minimal.

When air conditioners are not used for a while, they tend to collect moisture and condensation, which can eventually lead to the growth of mold inside of the unit. If you suspect there is mold inside of the air conditioning unit in your Beaumont, TX home, contact a professional air conditioning repair company to remove the mold and clean the inside of your air conditioner. A professional technician can then advise you on steps to take to keep your air conditioner in good condition when it is not in use.

If you turn your air conditioner on for the first time of the season, and it doesn't come on, you need to make the decision between air conditioning repair and installation of a new unit. Although the initial cost of investing in a new unit will be higher, it may quickly be offset by the cost of continuing to pay for air conditioning repair on an inefficient unit. A professional heating and cooling technician from Thermacon, a Beaumont, TX HVAC company, can go over the pros and cons of each option with you to help you make the best possible decision for the warm summer months ahead.