Top 3 Do It Yourself Maintenance Tips for Beaumont and Nederland, TX

Residents in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas who have an older heating and cooling system, the best advice would be to schedule a new air conditioning and heating installation. Opt for air conditioning units with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of 13 or higher and furnaces with an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratio of 90 percent or higher.

To avoid the need for air conditioning and heating repair for newer HVAC units, there are three ways to keep heating and cooling systems running in top condition.

Change the filters. Dirty furnace filters require a unit to work harder to push the warm air through the clogged air passages. This increases the possibility of a unit breaking down. Dirty air conditioning filters restrict the air flow and cause ice particles to form in the unit's evaporator. Neglecting to change the filters is one of the top reasons for units to require air conditioning and heating repair.

Check the condenser. Although it is wise to ensure that the condenser will not be subject to environmental hazards, this component was specifically engineered to withstand the outdoors. Always make sure that it is not covered and that nothing is blocking the passage of air.

Support the HVAC units. Use electric fans to help circulate the air faster. Properly ventilate the attic and the basement to decrease the cooling requirements. Close the doors, windows, and other possible sources of air passage. Run utility equipment, such as dryers and dishwashers, to elevate the temperature of the house during the winter.

There are a lot of ways to prevent undue air cooling and heating repairs and elevated electric bills. Registered technicians in Beaumont and Nederland, TX, and surrounding areas are capable of evaluating whether air conditioning and heating installation is necessary for the replacement of ineffectual units.

Is There Any Difference in Air Filters? Cost vs Efficiency

Many people in Beaumont and Nederland, Texas prefer to use an air filter to keep indoor pollution to a minimum. There are several causes of poor indoor air quality, ranging from the fumes of household cleaners to, stale air that does not circulate well. If you are considering purchasing an air filter, an air conditioning and heating repair company can help you decide on the best one for your needs. In most cases, you won't need professional assistance to install an air filter.

The most common and inexpensive type of air filter is made of fiberglass and polyester. These filter types are used to help your heating and cooling units run more efficiently. However, you must keep up with cleaning them or they could cause damage to your systems by causing them to run less efficiently. Fiberglass and polyester air filters can be purchased at any hardware or home improvement store for approximately $10.00.

Electronic filters that you plug into a wall outlet are very efficient at getting rid of pollutants you can't even see. A second type of electronic filter can be fit directly into your heating and cooling units. This type is the most costly and requires you to keep up with maintenance to prevent damage to your system. An air conditioning and heating repair provider in Beaumont or Nederland, Texas can advise you more on the advantages, disadvantages and, costs associated with each type of air filter.

Plug-in electronic air filters take up to 12 hours to circulate air through 500 feet of living space. If your home is double or triple that size or more, you may need to invest in additional units for the best results. A plug-in unit lasts around five years, while a filter attached directly to your HVAC unit can last indefinitely with the proper care.

Stay Healthier in Beaumont, TX With Proper Humidification

 In the humid, subtropical climate of Beaumont, TX and surrounding areas, your air conditioning system gets quite a workout trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. While your air conditioner helps to keep the inside of your home comfortable by cooling air and blowing it into your home, another crucial component of your comfort is the humidity level inside of your home. Achieving proper humidification not only helps you feel more comfortable, but also keeps you healthy. Hiring a certified HVAC system specialist to install a whole house humidifier and a dehumidifier built into your heating and cooling system, to maintain ideal indoor humidity levels will help you feel comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

When the humidity level in your home is high, your air conditioning system must work harder in order to make you feel comfortable. While your air conditioner is able to remove some excess humidity from your home's air, during the humid spring and summer weather in Beaumont, TX and the surrounding areas, your HVAC system alone may not be able to achieve the desired level of comfort. High humidity levels are linked to mold growth, which can cause you to develop allergy symptoms such as itching and irritation to your throat, face and skin. On the flip side, during the dry months of the fall and winter, your home's humidity level may be too low. Low levels of humidity in your home may cause you to develop health issues such as cracked and dry skin and lips and sinusitis.

Installation of a whole house humidifier and dehumidifier can help prevent health issues associated with problematic humidity levels and increase your comfort level. Using an HVAC professional such as Thermacon to install these systems may also save money on your utility bill

Thinking about a New Furnace or Heating System? Here are the Top 3 Questions You Should Ask

How do I select the best furnace for my house?

If you feel unsure about the type of central heater you will need, we can recommend a high-efficiency heating system model that will definitely accommodate your requirements. The right central heater could very well benefit you by reducing your energy bills, and make sure that your household will be more comfortable as well. Phone us and an educated customer services associate will assist you to make the best choice for your circumstance.

How do I take care of my heater or heating system?

Be sure to contact us to go over your home heating routine maintenance and problem options with one of our own staff members. Excellence is our goal. If a service call is needed, we promise to be there on time, take care of the problem for you, and charge a fee that is both reasonable and straightforward.

The best way can I boost the in-house air quality (IAQ) in my home?

We can provide several options for safeguarding your IAQ. For example, a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier will wipe out allergens and germs electronically. We also offer HVAC system cleaning, plus cleaning and sterilizing of the ducts to obtain the final results improved indoor air quality you are looking for.

5 Ideas to Keep Your House Comfy This Winter

The winter season presents the yearly challenge of how to keep warm with out paying a bundle of money to do so. Keeping your household cozy at a price you can afford to pay is not necessarily something that comes about by magic. The good thing is there are useful steps you can easily consider to make it possible for your heating system to maintain your home as warm as possible and at the least expensive price. Below are several helpful ideas:

1. Central heat Routine maintenance
The heart of your heating system system is the central heat, so making certain that it is in best functioning order is the most basic step to make certain suitable heat this winter. It is necessary that you examine that no gases are leaking coming from the furnace, some of which are odor free, flammable in addition to even toxic,. Bear in mind, suitable central heater routine maintenance is as much about safety as it is about ease and comfort and money.

2. Look at the Ductwork
A properly functioning central heater can be undermined by troubles with the heating system ductwork. Have them examined for heat-wasting leaks while having them cleaned by professionals at the very least every several years. In the event that you have furred pets it may be sensible to have the ductwork cleaned every calendar year.

3. Check the Filter
Washing and replacing filters every thirty days or so is a prudent exercise, not just to ensure home heating overall performance but to lower particles which may hurt the eyes, your respiratory system or bring about allergic tendencies. To prevent headaches, write down the dimensions along with amount of filters you will need before going to the store.

4. Insulation
Having the correct insulation in the roof structure, attic space and walls of your home can generate an substantial variance in the size of your home heating expenses. For that reason have a specialist look at simply how properly your house is insulated. When it comes to insulating material, a little investment can yield big returns.

5. Check out the Alarms
Wintertime weather usually means a far more closed in environment and much more time inside, both of which increase the challenges of carbon monoxide poisoning along with fires. The arrival of freezing weather conditions is an excellent time period to verify both the battery packs and the performing of your alarms and to replace them if required.

How Do I Know If My Heater or Air Conditioner Needs Service?

If your air conditioner conditioning or heating unit isn't operating effectively, it may possibly need to be serviced. Sometimes it can end up being difficult to define whether your unit is breaking down or just working beyond capacity because of intense temperatures. If you have any concerns about your air conditioning heating model, we encourage you to contact your support professional and make sure the situation is resolved. Here are usually a few signs and symptoms of a breakdown:

The air conditioner or heater runs constantly. Many air conditioner and heating models include programmable thermostats so that the unit exclusively works when the temperature on the inside of your house needs to be tweaked. If the unit runs continuously, the unit may be having a thermostat problem.

Your power bills continue to keep increasing. It's typical for your heating bill to be higher in the winter weather and your electricity bill to be larger in the summer months. Even so, if your bills continue to climb even after using your unit significantly less or continue increasing despite no change in the amount you utilize the system, it may require service.

Circuit breaker problems. If the unit trips the circuit breaker each and every time it turns on, something's wrong in your electrical system. Possibly the unit itself has a short circuit or something else is improper with the electric system within your house.

The system isn't running, is barely working or will take a long time to start working. Any of these types of issues are classic symptoms that your unit requires servicing. It may well be an easy repair such as replacing a dirty air filter or a more complicated problem such as a broken compressor.

Warning Signs and the Dangers of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide, or carbonous oxide, is a silent gas that is very dangerous to all oxygen-dependent life forms. Carbon monoxide threshold levels vary in individuals, however, an exposure of one hundred p.p.m. (parts per millionth) or greater is regarded as toxic. Carbon monoxide regularly infiltrates our day-to-day lives through motor vehicles, machines run by gas, free-standing heaters, heaters, stoves and burners. We easily and inadvertently draw this dangerous, odorless gas in through our lungs.

A mild exposure to carbon monoxide can produce mild symptoms of bewilderment, faintness, head ache, giddiness and an influenza sensation. Larger exposures, or exposures for a longer period of time, are particularly deadly to the central nervous system, the cardiovascular system, and generates hypoxia (an inadequate quantity of oxygen to reach the body's tissues). The toxicity produced by carbon monoxide is lethal. Long-term exposure to very low levels is just as damaging in the long-term often producing melancholy, disorder and decline of memory. Severe birth defects in the infants of women who were exposed to hazardous levels of carbon monoxide throughout their pregnancy are a great threat as well.

The prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant public health problem. Luckily, the reduction associated with carbon monoxide poisoning is simply prevented by early discovery of carbonous oxide gas through the use of a carbon monoxide alarm (CO detector). This reasonably priced device is located near the flooring, or near the ceiling, and designed to notify us of its discovery of carbon monoxide by alarm. On average, a CO sensor has a lifespan of 7 years prior to replacement. However, that does not include things like a straightforward battery replacement. Carbon monoxide alarms are mandatory in new construction.

Why Regular Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves You Money

When was the last time you thought about your air conditioner unit? It is easy to forget that every mechanical and technological device needs care, repair and maintenance. It is important to take care of your air conditioner. The last thing you want is to have the unit go out on you on the hottest day of the year.

Regular air conditioner maintenance saves on energy bills. An inefficient unit uses more energy than an efficient air conditioning unit that is regularly maintained. Thermacon Service Company, Inc. technicians are well-trained, experienced and pride themselves on delivering a high-quality of service. They maintain, repair or replace HVAC units as needed in a timely manner and at rates you can afford.

A Thermacon technician lubricates parts and checks over the entire unit. Our technician will check for dirt and the level of Freon. A unit that is low on Freon or filled with dirt particles is a unit that doesn't work efficiently. Dirt invades moving parts, which results in the unit working harder but with less efficiency. The invasion of dirt may even cause the failure of mechanical parts.

When your air conditioner isn't maintained, you may wonder why it doesn't seem to be cooling the house as it should. This may signal that there is a problem with your equipment  and letting a problem go on too long may cause permanent damage to the AC unit.

Most problems can be solved by calling for the services of Thermacon, LLC. A Thermacon technician not only checks over your air conditioning unit, but also repairs what needs repair and makes sure the unit is running at peak efficiency.

An AC unit maintained by Thermacon can help save you money on costly repairs, and on your energy bills.