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A Quick Guide to Improving Your Home’s Comfort

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If you want ultimate home comfort, but can't find the time to improve your home's comfort, you aren't alone. There are ways to get the perfect temperature in your Nederland, Texas, home without breaking the bank or using a ton of your valuable time. By following a few simple tips, you can drastically improve home comfort that will leave you […]

Annual Home Maintenance: Essential Tasks in Every Season

Home Care
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Taking care of the home is a year-round job, with new challenges arising every season. Make sure your Beaumont, Texas, house stays in shape. Schedule the right tasks for each season to improve your air quality, energy efficiency, and home comfort. Spring Cleaning Spring is a popular season for deep cleaning the home so it’s as fresh and alluring as […]

How Thermacon Helps You Go Solar

Let's Go Solar
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Here in the Pinehurst, Texas, area, we experience a warm climate throughout much of the year. Keeping your home cool and comfortable can become very expensive, especially during the summer months, but solar options make cooling more affordable. SunSource Solar Modules Lennox is well-known in the HVAC industry as one of the top manufacturers of heating and cooling products. Its […]

Why Is My Heating Bill So High?

High Energy Bills
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Have you noticed a sudden or dramatic increase in the heating bill for your home in Port Neches-Groves, Texas? Although finding out what’s behind a higher-than-average energy bill seems easy enough, several different issues could cause such an increase. Some you can solve yourself, while others require the attention of an HVAC professional. Dirty Air Filters One common cause of […]

Your First Defense Against Mold

identifying mold
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HVAC systems play a bigger role in combating moisture than most homeowners would think, but improper maintenance can result in unhealthy mold growth. Silsbee, Texas, residents who want to defend their homes against mold and mildew can do so with proper HVAC maintenance, filter changes, and cleaning. Identify the Problem Mold in HVAC systems is a common complaint no matter […]

Make Fall Energy Efficient in Your Home

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Although homeowners in Silsbee, Texas, may be more concerned with energy efficiency during the heat of summer, they can find ways to carry their money-saving efforts into the fall. While lower temperatures can help you trim your utility budget, you shouldn't stop thinking about your energy usage. Make your home more energy efficient this fall by being smart with thermostat settings […]

3 Ways to Cut Back on HVAC Energy Usage

energy savings
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Is your budget getting tighter? Or do you just generally want to be more energy-efficient? Your HVAC system might be the first part of your home with which you can begin cutting costs. Many homeowners in Beaumont, Texas, are missing out on prime opportunities to cut back on their air conditioning's energy usage. By following these simple steps and giving […]

How to Get the Most Out of Your Indoor Air Quality System

comfort air
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Without a doubt, every homeowner in Beaumont, Texas, strives to make their home as comfortable as possible for their family. While many homeowners focus on the temperature of their living space, many fail to consider indoor air quality. As homeowners realize why air quality is important, more and more are installing indoor air quality systems in their homes. If you own […]

Keeping Your HVAC System Clean Saves Time and Money

saving money
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You’ve heard time and time again that you need to have the HVAC system in your Orange, Texas, home serviced and maintained twice a year. Hearing that it should be done without knowing why or what the benefits are probably sounds like you’re being asked to spend money for no reason. What if we told you that regular service, maintenance, and […]

5 Ways Routine Maintenance Will Raise My HVAC System’s Efficiency

HVAC system's efficiency
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Sufficient care of an HVAC system is the key to maintaining efficiency, which affects how well your system works and how much it costs you every month in utility payments. Homeowners in Beaumont, Texas, can raise their HVAC system's efficiency by following some simple maintenance guidelines. Have Your Ducts Cleaned Keeping an HVAC system's duct network clean is one of […]